the tale of twin hammer heads and a large large mouth!!

my buddy john came down for the weekend from georgia like he does once a year and this time he had good timing!!

it all started friday when john got to my house and we got the truck loaded as soon as we could.. the weather was not very good heavy rain and strong winds.. but with reports of lots of big fish around, its do or die time!!!

we set up on the beach around 7:00 and got some baits out right away.. we kinda sat there for a hour or so with no bites just some little fish pecking on our baits...

then all of a sudden my rod starts screamin!!! so i picked it up and set the hook and it stuck!!! i was in a really good fight a very strong fish but it was fighting kinda strange so i wasnt sure what i had...

2 minutes in to my fight johns rod goes off and hes now doing battle with a fish that feels really good!!!

my fish breaks the surface and i realize why the fight was strange i foul hooked the fish near the peck fiin and was reeling him in backwards!!! it was tuff!!!

i get my fish landed hook out and realeased as quick as i could then on to johnny..

we see his fish and relized we just had a double header of hammer heads in th 10ft range!!!! sweeeeeett!!! it was johns first hammer he was so stoked!!!
we quickly got the fish landed and hook out then returned the fish to its home..

at that point we were pretty tired and was getting late and we had a long drive ahead of us and we were very happy with that so we wnt home with big smiles on our faces..

day 2 started with stormy weather and more rain.. doesnt look good.. we decided to change it up and go hunt some big groupers and bull sharks..

got to the spot and i dropped my first bait and with in 10 minutes we had a fight on our hands!! boy them big groupers pull!!! so much fun!!!

we landed the fish snapped some pics and sent him on his way.. it was a big boy around 5ft long i would say in the 250lb range... deffintly a good one!!

we sat there all night and waited for bites but no to much action.. then one of our other buddies who was there,was under gunned and lost one heck of a took so much line but he he only have 60lb braid on a saltist..and got broke of real quick.. i was pretty upset because i knew if john or i would have hook it we would have had a better chance of landing it.. but o well..

and that was all the bites we got... we woke up sunday very very tired and just decided to take it easy..

so our final numbers were 1 golith grouper and a double header of 10 range hammer heads.. not to shappy for some bad weather fishin!!!



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