Spearfishing Cobia Palm Beach Inlet 4-10-12



  • nutsmagoonutsmagoo Posts: 127 Officer
    thanks again for the feedback!
    e-money wrote: »

    LOL, that is hilarious e$!
    What no video?... your slacking off.

    I know, I know, sorry about that! :) but bluewaterspearo had his gopro filming on his head so hopefully he got some killer footage.
    You guys are my idols. I'm gonna have to get setup with some gear as I totally want to do this. I linked Marcus (Lucky Limey) to this thread and he said out of our crew I'm the only one crazy or stupid enough to do what you guys do.

    BTW- What camera are you guys using? The photos are amazing.


    The camera is a Sony NEX-5n.
  • BocaBocaBocaBoca Posts: 606 Officer
    Just beautiful. Thanks for taking the time to post and share.
  • SLW UroCaneSLW UroCane Port St. LuciePosts: 399 Deckhand
    I am a urologist and you must have the biggest pair of cojones in South Florida !!! Awesome pics and story, and videos previously !!!
    Tight Lines !!! For more information on a vasectomy, please visit www.gulfstreamurology.com.
  • Mach80MakoMach80Mako Posts: 176 Officer
    Glad I wasn't with those Bulls

    I'd be doing my giant squid imitation, and shooting a brown cloud instead of dark blue or black ink when those things looked at me :hairraiser
  • privateer19privateer19 Posts: 316 Deckhand
    Truly beautiful pics. They look like the Jacques Cousteau books I read as a kid. Please keep them coming!
  • East CapeEast Cape Posts: 24 Greenhorn
    VERY nice day and pics! Wish I was there....
    Good job on the Cobia too
  • RockNReelerRockNReeler Posts: 1,067 Officer
    More balls than I would have...I'll stick to a rod and reel IN a boat!
  • F1SHONF1SHON Posts: 3 Greenhorn
    so amazing! awesome pictures!
  • TrafficTraffic Posts: 124 Officer
    That's some great shooting. Keep the reports coming. They are my favorites!!

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