F/V Bloodstream yields a 238 lb Yellowfin Tuna



  • Docked WagesDocked Wages Posts: 2,672 Admin
    Fixed the photos, so many views exceeded photobuckets bandwidth so I moved them to another site.
    Mark Wilson
  • Docked WagesDocked Wages Posts: 2,672 Admin
    What a fantastic trip you guys had, I love the idea of staying on a houseboat while you were there.
    How far offshore do you have to run to the most productive oil rigs?

    There are 3500 rigs and pumping stations in the gulf. The Floaters are the big ones that are way offshore. We visited Medusa that is about 50 miles out plus add the 18 miles of pass you need to run back to the Marina. Others are fishable 30 miles out and the DeepWater Horizon is about 90-100 miles from where we were. The midnight lumps are a popular area for weekend boats.
    Mark Wilson
  • Capital PunishmentCapital Punishment Posts: 91 Deckhand
    Killed as usual....nice!!!
    Got something to throw away???
    > call Bragg's Roll-Off Dumpsters, Inc. (321) 403-3022
  • GDM PhilGDM Phil Posts: 224 Deckhand
    I just got a lil semi from looking at those pics
  • FS BlairFS Blair Posts: 1,696 Admin
    Holy Cow, I shouldn't allow such posts for fear that those of us in Florida would just quit fishing....

    Nice report.
  • southerncastawaysoutherncastaway Posts: 55 Deckhand
    DAAAANG! That looks like one great trip! Gotta love catching yellowfins, Good work on the bruiser! Makes me wish we could get some oil rigs dumped here off the east coast.
  • sk018sk018 Posts: 2,673 Captain
    WOW I have to do a trip there one day... YFT wahoos etc...unbelieveable!
  • dpdashdpdash Posts: 5,345 Admiral
    Absolutely Sick! Unreal, that big one is a serious fish, Congrats
  • frontline1980frontline1980 Posts: 47 Greenhorn
    Holy SHHHH, i didnt think I wanted to do one of those trips until now!!! Gonna have to make a move from the Dry Tortugas up to the big leagues of Venice.
  • Captain BrianCaptain Brian Posts: 336 Officer
    Been wanting to do that trip for some time now......gonna have to make it happen this year after seeing this kick **** report and Larry Dahlberg on TV today fishing with Eric on that decked out Sea Vee. They were catching TT, cobs, white marlin...you name it! Incredible fishery over there inshore and most definately offshore!

    Thanks for taking the time to share your trip with the forum. Very cool indeed. :thumbsup
  • Sick DaySick Day Posts: 259 Deckhand
    Looks like an EPIC trip! Congrats!
  • PtsrhenryPtsrhenry Posts: 255 Deckhand
    Great post, can I get some info on the houseboat rental?
    RANGER BAY 2300
  • PostalPostal Posts: 169 Officer
    I wish I was on a trip like this .Amazing catches! Thanks for posting !
    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC] :chill
  • Bottom LinesBottom Lines Posts: 1,101 Officer
    Wow... To do it all on your own boat in umfamiliar waters too... Hats off!

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