is it fall??? New way to fish flounder, SIGHT FISH!!!

Is it fall because the flounder seem to think it is.. Me and my brother went out for about 3 hrs to try some new water... As soon as we get back there bait is everywhere you look and getting busted.. Drop the trolling motor down and start down the creek, Flounder were so thick they were busting and jumping out the water busting mullet.. I have never had a spring run of flounder like this, it got to the point where we were sight casting flounder.. They were in water from 4" to 18" and we would wait for one to bust and cast to it and fish on.. Most of the fish were decent about 16-18" with ofcourse alot of 12 and 14" ones in the mix.. All the flatties were caught off arti's.. D.j was fishing the SureSet weighted hook in the 3/16th size with a gulp jerk shad and was hooking up non stop... Dont think he switched baits all day.. I threw everything from spinner baits to every type soft plastic out there and it didnt seem to matter.. D.j got the big fish of the day at 21".. I will post pics in a few my brother is downloading them off his phone... We caught over 20 flatties off arti's today..


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