Lowrance broke need help

timbo615timbo615 Posts: 237 Officer
My uncles Lowrance broke and it had gold on it. All his numbers. He never backed up the way points. Is there a way to get the info off of the memory from inside the unit. Could i take it somewhere and have them download the info for me? Could Lowrance do it? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Need less to say i will be backing up my way points a couple different places.


  • isla21isla21 Posts: 2,115 Officer
    Try calling their customer service number. They have been helpful to me in the past. Good luck
  • timbo615timbo615 Posts: 237 Officer
    Lowrance is closed all today so I will be calling them monday but has this happen to anyone else? What did you do if so? Thanks
  • JesseJamesJesseJames Posts: 2,408 Officer
    Define "broke." What is it doing? Or not doing?
  • timbo615timbo615 Posts: 237 Officer
    It wont turn on at all.....he turned it on one day and it all went white and won't turn on now

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