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    Tom Hilton wrote: »
    I said previously to your above tirade;

    "Tarponator - whatever. You just can't get some people to comprehend the difference between affiliating with an extreme anti-fishing group, as a non-profit, their refusal to disclose their relationship, AND HOW THAT COULD AFFECT ALL OF OUR FISHING FUTURES. I have already explained my self-interest in this matter - I am an American recreational fisherman and a father of 3 kids who I want to be able to go fish without having to pay people like Brettfitz and his enviro partners.

    I'm done wasting my time trying to get to you to understand."

    If you think that is demeaning you and calling you names, then I am truly sorry. Accusing me of wanting to take my ball and comparing me to a six year old is, well, demeaning me and calling me names. Your buddy Brettfitz called me a keyboard cowboy yet you don't call him out on it.

    Get are a HYPOCRITE in every sense of the word Tarponator.

    My company is a private corporation and as such, I have no responsibility or obligation to answer ANY of your arcane questions - it's really none of your business, and I would be subjugating my fiscal reponsibilities to my partner(s) in said corporation if I did so.

    You should try to keep on topic, as the purpose of this thread (again) is about a new, improved data system. Entities with a proven track record of working AGAINST recreational fishing interests are providing funding for that new system. Questions regarding those entites' involvement are valid, to-the-point questions regarding said data system.

    We ALL have a vested interest in the fisheries tarponator - how I make my living in no way undermines my rights as an American to expose the corruption and greed that has taken over our fisheries management process, yet I already know you will never be able to comprehend that fact, and I'm ok with it.

    I have some more information coming out regarding the funding for this new data system, and it ain't pretty.

    Capt. Thomas J. Hilton

    So I suppose you won't be answering my questions. Is that because you're afraid of the self-interest it will expose?

    Barring answers to the contrary, I would assume it's safe to say your business and your self interest is driving your interest in these issues. That's the same self-interest you suggest is a damning influence on the part of the other side of this equation.

    You see, Tom, if you're going to cry about the self interest and greed with the other side of the argument, and all the while ignore or minimize your own self interest, that's the real definition of the word hypocrite. Doesn't the other side of the argument have the same rights as you? Or do you get to decide whose self interest deserves defending?

    As much as you'd like it to be so, you can't have your cake and eat it too -- if self interest is so bad on behalf of the Waltons, Packards, et. al., then it is also bad for you. Yet you would have us look past that and hide behind a veil of privacy in so doing. lol

    I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings by comparing your behavior to my six year old nephew -- it seemed apropos at the time -- but since you weren't really "done" perhaps it's water under the bridge. Regardless, I apologize.

    Anxiously awaiting your "smoking gun". Please also include how that impugns Brett's character and his data's integrity, and how you've managed to rise above that same corrupting influence...Mike

    p.s. Brett is no more my friend than you are. I don't know him and to the best of my knowledge I have never met him. Like a few of your comments to me in this thread and elsewhere, perhaps you've confused me with someone else.

    p.p.s. Please don't tell me what to do. Thank you.

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