Every Other Day (March 27, 29, 31 2012)

March 27
Took some of my nursing classmates to the Homosassa area for a late morning launch. Started off landing 20" Seatrout and some lower slot reds. Soon after a short instruction I had them working the spook jr trying to get the rhythmic motion down. Each of them caught only one fish each but they were big fish. One Trout at 20" and One Red at 27.25" Was a good day for these two :happydance:

March 29
Met up with Billabong909 for some crystal clear water fishing in Steinhatchee. Caught numerous lower slot trout and then the fun began. It was a slack low tide and the water was glass, not a mullet or baitfish was in sight. After Aaron caught a 26.5" Red he called me over to tell me they were around. Twitch Twitch BAM! was the key, a steady retrieve of left and right did absolutely nothing. We both caught some more reds until the tide started coming in. I started throwing the spoon fly and managed to catch one and missed a few other trout/reds on a topwater fly. Called it a day after a few more trout. Final Count for me was 3 reds and 3 trout. Aaron's final count was 6 reds and 8 trout (a few overslot!). :smoke:

March 31
Made it to the A2OZ 5 Star Resort Friday night. Was treated to great food, beer, and company. We met Ridgeback at the ramp the next morning and we were off immediately knowing the winds were going to start gusting at 20 knots in the afternoon. A2OZ started off picking up some lower slot trout. We headed over to a different spot and I could not get a hookup with the lil john, meanwhile A2OZ was getting 20" Trout right around the corner. Ridgeback ventured off to a different spot and managed a 24.75" Red and a 20.25" Trout. He found a nice hole and started picking up more Reds on the gold spoon. After the tide changed the winds started to pick up and everyone split up looking for fish. I waded out to a nice sand/rock area and tried to cast into the wind. This was mainly for practice because the others weren't catching any fish either. We paddled back trying to keep a straight track and surf the white-caps back. At this point the both of them had caught some quality fish. I managed only a 5 inch lizard fish while practicing my double haul into the wind. We hit up one last spot near the ramp and took turns throwing into grove line. Threw a strong cast into the wind with my spook jr and managed to miss a big blow up. Twitched two more times and this big beauty came out of the water to slam my lure. Fought this beautiful gold tinged 29" Snook and got to enjoy five or six leaps with her. After a photo session I released the local breeder size fish. We called it a day right before the thunderstorms rolled in. Will definitely be going back to Aripeka very soon :woohoo:
Native Manta Ray 14 Sand


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