Need some cobia advice

I plan on trying my hand at looking for cobia tomorrow, I've never done it in panama city, and my experience overall is very limited. So....

Im going to buy a couple eels, and I'll hav a live well full of pinfish. Will probably pick up a jig or two just in case. Any recommendations on jigs I can find locally that might outperform others?

We'll be in a small 19' cc , and if the weathe turns out as predicted, I'll have a 6' ladder strapped down for visibility. What kind of depth should I be looking for? The plan is to head out of the pass and go west until the sun is straight ahead, then turn around. I'm just not sure how close or far off from the beach I should be looking. I understand we may not see a thing, and that's fine, but I don't want to be the guy fishing for a sailfish in a bream pond if you know what I mean.

If it turns rough I'll probably anchor up on a wreck and just chum for a long time, that's how I've caught them in the pass.

Any tips you guys have are greatly appreciated
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