Port Canaveral Offshore 03-17-12

This was a little personal fishing time Saturday. With nice sea's, I fish with
a freind on his boat, and got to both Fish, and Enjoy the ride, rather than
the norm, which though fun, is WORK! At 130' we found a very well formed
rip which proved to be a fish highway. Most boats were in shallower looking
for Cobia, so we had a lot of space to fish. I brought my tackle, and ran the
spread as I usually do on my boat (intel for the next two days charters).
First fish came soon, but was not well hooked, and soo departed. Second
hookup was much better, a "mixed Double". First fish was running nice, and
stayed in the water.....Wahoo!, While it was being worked in, a second fish
hooked up, and put on an ariel display, Mahi.
Next was another double, both Phins. A few singles came, then a better fish
took the bait. I was on the fight, and it was nice to hear some good drag runs
with this fish. Finally worked it to the boat and in the icebox.
A few more singles and then a real big run. First thought was a big Wahoo, but
it soon it took to the air, an BIG Mahi! I tried to hand off the rod, but no one
wanted that much battle. It took nearly 40 minutes to work it to the boat,
and with it in gaff range, unbuttoned, and departed. This was a 6' long fish, and
would have been a personal best. Leader was in hand for an "Offical" Catch,
and we got it on Video, but off it went.
A few more singles, and we called it a day. Back to port to clean fish.
Captain Henry
ACME Ventures Fishing
602 Glen Cheek Dr., Cape Canaveral Fl.


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