Fishing for Pompano off the Beach

hawksbillhawksbill Posts: 8 Greenhorn
Hi All,

I am a beginner trying to fish for pompano off the beach as I've heard they have been biting. Wanted to ask some of the more experienced posters for advise.

1. What will be the Equipment necessary?
2. What is the best technique?

Any help appreciated. Thanks Gentlemen and ladies.


  • BruteBrute Posts: 164 Officer
    What part of the state are you in?
    Are you even in Florida?
    Pompano show up at different seasons in different parts of the state.
    You'll get better answers if we know where you are intending to fish.
  • testerman28testerman28 Posts: 1,329 Officer
    they can be caught on a jig.. ( docs goofy jigs is what I like with a pink and silver extra fly hook..) you can tip a jig also with clams, sand fleas or shrimp. cast out by pilings, rocks hit the bottom jig it up and let it fall.. catch a fish! or you can surf cast with a double hook rig using sand fleas, clams or shrimp.. use a triangle weight so it sticks in the sand some.. small 2/0 hooks work the best for me from boyton beach to sebastian inlet.. you can get a good guide to take you in the indian river this time of year also. good luck .. I like light tackle stuff and they eat great.
  • hawksbillhawksbill Posts: 8 Greenhorn
    Thanks for the fb. I am in South Florida near Jupiter. Any general idea what the investment in gear would be?
  • 1Headhunter1Headhunter Posts: 60 Deckhand
    If you are in Jupiter, go to the Juno Pier. Go just before sun up. There will be a lot of people fishing for them. The guy you pay your pier admission to should help you. Go to the local tackle shop, they will show you the rigs,,,and sell them to you.
    Don't bother the commercial guys, the guys with 4 very large rods, they are working. But keep back and watch. You will learn.
    Good luck.
  • hawksbillhawksbill Posts: 8 Greenhorn
    I live just south of the pier so was hoping I could just go out on the beach. Do you think the chances of catching will be less because I cast out from the beach?
  • IntheslotIntheslot Posts: 282 Deckhand
    hawksbill wrote: »
    I live just south of the pier so was hoping I could just go out on the beach. Do you think the chances of catching will be less because I cast out from the beach?

    To be sussuccsful from the beach you'll need some rods capable of chunking some big 4 oz sinkers to get out far enough. And then they move around so the bite would never be consistent at any one spot.

    So if you only have smaller stuff then yes the pier would be better.

    Many times the pier will have other fishes too that you simply couldn't get off the beach.

    Your best bet is to see Todd at Juno Bait and Tackle on the east side of US1 just north of PGA.
  • hawksbillhawksbill Posts: 8 Greenhorn
    Yah but I want Pompano, and people have been catching them off the beach. I don't like the peer. Does todd rent (so I can try out the different gear and see what works)?

  • bonephishbonephish Posts: 1,488 Officer
    If you are planning to wade in the surf and use light tackle, you'll want a spinning outfit that will cast 1/2-oz jig a long way. A 4000 size reel with 10# mono on a 7'6" medium weight rod should do it very well.
  • testerman28testerman28 Posts: 1,329 Officer
    I personally have never used the swivel jigs.. ( used to use a similar rig with a circle for tarpon .. but larger.. ) anyone in lauderdale carry them? you can have a great time on a pier.. catch all your marlin baits also..
  • inshore101inshore101 Posts: 108 Officer
    For pompano, i like fishing with brightly colored jigs. You can purchase some custom buck tail jigs from me at the link below. Only $4 each and free shipping with orders over $20. As for tackle, I prefer spinning tackle. Fish a fast action rod over 7 feet long. As for reels, i recommend a reel in the 2500-4000 range. I would use a light line so you can cast as far as possible. I would use 12lb mono or 15lb braid.
  • CodySCodyS Posts: 243 Officer
    Yellow white Docs jig with a teaser near bridges and in the passes, fished close to the bottom. Never has failed for me.
  • hawksbillhawksbill Posts: 8 Greenhorn
    Thanks Cody. Todd from Juno Bait and Tackle suggested staying at the pier and going right off. To be honest, I would prefer to go off the beach, and was just wondering if anybody as a set up with some pictures or experience catching pompano and can share it, it would be a huge help moving forward. Todd suggested that best days to go from the beach would be ultra calm days, so I am assuming the summer will be better. Any help appreciated. Thanks for the feedback up to this point.
  • Lunch Money SurfLunch Money Surf Posts: 1,026 Officer
    Here is how you surf fish for pompano:

    You need a 12' rod with a medium spinner. Whatever line you like but not too heavy (I use 20# braid).

    Tie a double dropper loop rig on your leader with a 4 oz bank sinker on the end. Use Eagle Claw 2/0 circle hooks. You can also just go buy a 'pomp rig' or 'surf rig' at Walmart if you can't tie your own.

    Bait up your rig with either live sandfleas (the best), or fresh clams (only use fresh, frozen fall apart, only use the "clam strip" portion).

    Cast out.

    Put your rod in a sand spike.

    Get Irie.


    Two disclaimers:

    1 - From my experience and everyone else I talk to, pompano season has sucked this year. I'm up further north than you though.

    2 - I don't jig fish for pomps but I jig fish for everything else and Geoff's jigs rock the house
  • hawksbillhawksbill Posts: 8 Greenhorn
    When is "Pompano Season"? Are we in it, does it last through the whole summer?
  • PhishingPhanaticPhishingPhanatic Posts: 449 Officer
    In our area, there are usually 2 pompano runs. A "fall run", which can be short but have an epic bite, that usually happens in October. Then the spring run, that varies by year, but is usually between February and April, some years later, some earlier. There are some fish here year round, I got a couple nice ones off the beach in Hobe Sound on a flat calm day in August last year, but the most consistent pompano fishing are during these times. I was at Juno pier yesterday afternoon and was getting them on goofy jigs, that is my favorite way to catch them but I hate dealing with the crowds and tangles. Usually I take my 12 ft surf rods and hit the beach.
  • hawksbillhawksbill Posts: 8 Greenhorn
    What other fish go for the fresh sandfleas? If you rig to catch pompano you still have a good chance of catching other fish right?
  • PhishingPhanaticPhishingPhanatic Posts: 449 Officer
    Yes, just about everything in the surf eats fleas. I often catch whiting, croaker and bonefish on them.
  • Split ShotSplit Shot Posts: 6,095 Admiral
    In Daiwa that would be a 2 or 2500. 8-12lb. mono or 15-20 braid. I don't care for small braid. :)

    I run or walk the beach till I see a blow out with a pool or some different contour.

    Usually 3 rods.

    A 6'6' fast action and a 3/8 oz. jig, and 2 dropper rigs, 7' - 8' with one close on the beach and the other, off the hill, with using peeled shrimp, sand fleas or small piece of squid. I like using both spinning and conventional reels.
  • hawksbillhawksbill Posts: 8 Greenhorn
    Thanks for all the help guys! Saving up.

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