Offshore PC Sat. The17th

Went out with Charles,Dale & Susan with a late noon start. They were minding their own business, eating breakfast at Grills when i called for an impromptu fishing trip.

Tons of boats were looking for cobia in dirty water. Since the last two mahi trips were great, i decided to go for the sure thing again. Put the lines out at 110. We saw rips every 20 ft of depth , but with no life, no flyers, no weed, nada.

Kept the lines in, 2.5 hours, no bites. I headed to a group of cones in 230. First pass 2 mahi, then one plus one. And multiple knockdowns. 4 phins total to 15#. it saved a skunky day.

If we had more time, that was the place. 4 phins in an hour.

Stopped at the port across from Sunrise to have a 15 min talk with the Coast Guard. They kindly pointed out that the flares i was sure i just replaced, had a 2002 expiration date. Very courteous and informative. Boy, time does fly. Saltydog out.


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