low tide topwater big reds and trout 3/12

Finally was able to get out today on this gorgeous day. The last couple of days have been crazy wind and rainy weather. Well me and 2 other buddys decided to take advantage of the pretty day and get out around 3:30. We rigged up our bait casters with bomber lures and skitterwalks and picked up some live shrimp just in case. We were going to be fishing a strong out going tide so I knew we had togo to some spots out of the river (as it can get strong out there during a heavy outgoing). We pulled up to the first spot and started to throw topwaters. Action started slow but finally picked up with Andrew getting a nice trout. It was around 25-26 inches. Unfortunately he has away from us on a dock as we were working our own docks and had to snap a pic with his iphone by himself. He wanted to get it back in the water as soon as possible so he took a quick pic and released her. I followed suit with a mid slot trout on the skitterwalk and andrew landed another nice one. The bite died so we motored to another spot and started to throw more topwaters and livies. My other buddy gets a big strike and hooks up to a big red. The red gets into the tide current and heads for some docks. We manage to weasle him out and after 5 minutes in the current pull him up. He was a real nice 30 inch red. Soon after I got a real nice hit and hook up to another big red. He tried the same stunt on me, but I managed to get him out of the pilings and get him to the boat. Another nice 29 inch red. Right after that my buddy hooks into another big red. Same scenario happens, but he finally gets him out of the pilings and pulls in a big red. I pulled another big red out similar to the first one I caught and then the bite dies. We decide to hit a honey hole I know of and put a couple of fish in the box. We get there and start to pull trout over left and right. They weren't the right size (around14-16 inches) so we threw them back. As were about to leave I get a monster hit. The fish pulls major drag and brings me into the pilings. It wasn't fighting like a red though. I was wondering could this be a big snook. Well I tried to get him out of the pilings, but it wasn't ment to be. He broke me off and left us wondering what it was? The fight was very snook like.........to bad no visual. We left and went to another spot to pull in some more fish before we went in. We ended landing 2 perfect slot size reds one 24 and the other 26 inches. We added a decent trout to the box and called it a day. Fish are biting anything and everything right now.



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    nicely done
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    Tight work as usual Ryan! In that one pic, that plug looks like its about to snag Ted in the eye, looking closely you can see its secured,lol.
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    nice report :thumbsup

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  • gulpjuicegulpjuice Posts: 17 Greenhorn
    Nice trout on topwater! I just got some bomber topwater lures myself. They were on sale at the local tackle store 2 for $4 bucks. Looks like i will be buying a couple black backed ones they kind of resemble a mullet. Whats your favorite color?
  • BigchocolatelabBigchocolatelab Posts: 129 Officer
    Yeah I got a good deal on the bomber lures myself. The skitterwalks seem to catch more fish though (for me at least). I like to use the mullet color lures. The white one with the red head and the baby trout color are also goto ones.
  • Slug-OSlug-O Posts: 3,015 Officer
    lol.....i used to store my seadoo right behind you in that photo........
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  • TrophyRoomAppTrophyRoomApp Posts: 172 Officer
    Nice Catch !
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  • BigchocolatelabBigchocolatelab Posts: 129 Officer
    Oh yeah Slug-o which pic are you talking about? Where did you store that sea doo?
  • BadfishBadfish Posts: 1,067 Officer
    tight work
  • SaltLifeClintSaltLifeClint Posts: 19 Greenhorn
    Newb question. When do you use topwater lures? I have never done well on them where I am from, so have not used them here either. I thought they were only good for early morning.
    Sounds like I assumed wrong. What conditions call for lures? What did you catch the reds on?
  • pilingjunkypilingjunky Posts: 2,044 Officer
    Oh yeah Slug-o which pic are you talking about? Where did you store that sea doo?
    Looks like Marsh Landing. Nice work, fellars.
  • BigchocolatelabBigchocolatelab Posts: 129 Officer
    Well you can use topwater when ever. Best times are when the wind is down a little bit and the water isnt real choppy. dawn and dusk work best, but sometimes fish bite mid afternoon topwater. General rule is to look for mullet at the surface or bait getting busted. Then throw your lure into the commotion. Seawalls and grasslines are good spots to scout out as well. Reds like the mullet color topwater. Trout like those too.
  • SaltLifeClintSaltLifeClint Posts: 19 Greenhorn
    Thanks-sounds like it is more about the feeding style than the time of day then. Appreciate the info.

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