Fernandina Beach (Amelia Island) fishing

This wind is relentless. Painting and rewiring the boat. Stuck fishing the surf. The whiting bite is starting to pick up. And the surfers are feeling the black drum drumming.


  • top1000noletop1000nole Posts: 41 Deckhand
    your right about the wind, been awful for weeks up here. I went out yesterday morning for a couple of hours in the am with some topwaters. It was super high tide and the bite was weak, but managed to get a couple little reds.
  • Steve RossmanSteve Rossman Posts: 51 Deckhand
    Got out Thursday morning on the extreme high tide. Had the best day this season on sheepies. Had 9 in the cooler in 1.5 hours and had to stop fishing because I couldn't get any more in the cooler. Nothing under 6lbs and the biggest was pushing 11. Two over 10. Looks like the wind is going to lay down a bit today. If I didn't have to drive to NC this morning, I'd be on'em again this morning. It was unbelievable.
  • FlounderMcFluttonFlounderMcFlutton Posts: 170 Officer
    hmmmm.......nice catching!
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  • ChumSlickChumSlick Posts: 252 Officer
    Very nice... we didn't even get to get a hook wet.
  • ChumSlickChumSlick Posts: 252 Officer
    Getting gear ready for the drum tourney. Captains meeting Friday. Then its on. Gonna be a great turnout.
  • ChumSlickChumSlick Posts: 252 Officer
    Talked to the wave riders yesterday just off of Ocean Ave. They are hearing the drum getting stronger. Looks like we might get some good action just off the beaches. I am also anticipating an early run of cobs the water temp is already creeping up on 70.
  • ChumSlickChumSlick Posts: 252 Officer

    Can't believe we have to wait for May to harvest the bass... getting out of hand folks.
  • Boating BumBoating Bum Posts: 34 Deckhand
    Why do you say that ChumSlick?
    I thought that the last ruling was revoked on the Black Sea Bass.
    This is the latest info that I see about them:

    Sea Bass, Black   ●

    Atlantic; 10" Gulf

    15 per harvester per day

    I see no other restrictions.

    Nevermind - I was mis-informed.
    Here is a link with the latest that I found on the subject: http://myfwc.com/fishing/saltwater/regulations/blackseabass/
    They sure don't make it easy for us to stay informed.
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  • ChumSlickChumSlick Posts: 252 Officer
    Of course not. A mess of bass out of season would get you in your pocket book pretty good.
  • ElementElement Posts: 1,749 Officer
    Yeah man I was daydreaming about seabass yesterday. I used to love going out on those rare flat winter days and filling the cooler. Crazy how we're sitting here think about how things "used to be." They won't repoen until June at which point the seabass should be up around the Carolinas. With the fed limit at 5 it's hardly worth it anyway.

    It's not getting out of hand, it is already way out of hand.
  • ChumSlickChumSlick Posts: 252 Officer
    Makes me sick. You do know they are talking about hitting us on our trolling fish next. I'm really getting disgusted. Not only me as a recreational fisherman looking for a fun day ended with a great dinner. Our charter guides can bairly maintain. Who wants to pay 1200 bucks for a trigger fish?
  • ChumSlickChumSlick Posts: 252 Officer
    With the boat still going through some repairs, we are still grounded and fishing from the surf. Did pretty well yesterday. An hour before and after low tide we caught 13 bull whiting and 2 keeper trout. Fried up with a side of grits made for a great meal.
  • TrophyRoomAppTrophyRoomApp Posts: 172 Officer
    Thats pretty cool - hearing the drum's drumming.. never knew that happened... doesn't happen up here in Cocoa Beach..
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  • ChumSlickChumSlick Posts: 252 Officer
    They get so thick in numbers here just outside of the jetties I've heard them in the boat. Its just a deep thump you can almost feel in your chest.
  • ChumSlickChumSlick Posts: 252 Officer

    The pomps are running through FB.
  • ChumSlickChumSlick Posts: 252 Officer

    My wife went fishing yesterday and did me proud... 15 nice whiting. We have friends from NY with a terminal family member so we fried them up for them along with some hushpuppies and cole slaw. She also said she caught 4 small pimps. Great job baby!
  • ChumSlickChumSlick Posts: 252 Officer
    The wife went out again yesterday. Didn't do quite as well. She caught 5 keeper whiting as usual the prime being an hour before low and an hour after. She came back up to the house just as I was getting in from work. I decided I would go back down with her for a couple of hours... she caught 4 more keepers. I think the blues had the whiting on the move. She caught several.
  • ChumSlickChumSlick Posts: 252 Officer
    Take a kid fishing... Ft. Clinch is hosting a fishing clinic for kids this weekend.
  • ChumSlickChumSlick Posts: 252 Officer
    Friday afternoon our surf fishing was cut short due to a kid drowning just a few hundred yards from where we live. Our prayers go out to family and friends. Saterday was very overcast and the fish just didnt seem to ever reallly start... a whiting here and there. We watchd as the search continued for the young boy and again just couldnt seem to think about fishing. Sunday the weather cleard and the news cam they had fond the young boys body. We went back out for a while and just relaxed on the beach. I just couldnt keep form thinking how horrifying it would be riding up and down the beach looking for my child. I cant imagine being towed under by such a current and trying to remember the instructions given if you are ever in that situation. I preach it to our kids and friends that come over to enjoy the beach each and every time they go out. Anyway it was a sad weekend and very little caught off the surf.
  • ChumSlickChumSlick Posts: 252 Officer
    Well guys and gals, its friday. North beach on Amelia Island is like glass! You can clearly see the baitfish pods everywhere and the birds and blues are getting at'em. I believe we may find some time to do a little surf fishing. I will report on how we do...
  • ChumSlickChumSlick Posts: 252 Officer
    On the north side of the island Sat. was a little messy out however the wife did manage to hit the beach for a while. She ended up with 9 nice bull whiting. Sunday was absolutly beautiful out. I went out with the wife we didnt do as well but all of the whiting were huge. We only kept 6. We threw some nice yellow mouth trout back and the blue's were unstoppable. The birds are everywhere following the bait pods. I have not been out yet because we are not quite finnishe reworking the wiring on the boat but I hear the cobia are here. The water still seems a bit chilly but the person I got the info from is a reliable guide here on the island. I also hear a little further north of us closer to the park there are more whiting being caught with a mix of slot red's, trout and black drum. Again I have not confirmed this it's all word of mouth from friends.
  • ChumSlickChumSlick Posts: 252 Officer
    Sunday the winds calmed just enough to hit the beach for a few. We went out around 10:00 a.m. the first of the falling tide, after a short 20 min or so wait the wife hooked up with a nice black drum. It was a beauty! all in all the bite was slow. We caught a cat, a few blue's then the wife kept noticing her line going limp, thinking the weeds from the fllod tide was causing it she decided to reel it in to clear the line only to find a 12" Pomp. on the other end.... Which I found strange because they are usually a hard fighter. A few hours later we picked up a few nice whiting. It was a beautiful day out to say the least.
  • ChumSlickChumSlick Posts: 252 Officer
    Well this weekend didn't produce any surf fishing weather... went out Sunday off of ocean Ave. Made the first cast went to cast the second rod and the one I just through out was already on the beach... from what I read about the guys getting skinned at nassau sound it probably would have been a skunk for us too...
  • mgammonmgammon Posts: 66 Deckhand
    Was gonna take the boat out for Cobs Saturday, but the wind just would not
    die down ... Just stayed at home and worked in the yard and dreamed about
    a nice Cobia or King battle ... Maybe this weekend will be better ... Go away
    wind, you are chopping the water to bad ...
    G. Marshall Gammon (USN Ret)
    Jacksonville, FL
  • ChumSlickChumSlick Posts: 252 Officer
    Yeah the same here except I am referbishing my boat. I have an 1986 ProLine 23 CC... Just a few more final touches and I'll be done. Makes me sick too because My Cob jiggs came in today from Geoff's Jigg's.... Does'nt look like I will catch the run this year. I'm trying though. Let me know if you go out and how you do... Last year we would go out and end up with 12 - 15 under the boat... Huge ones too.
  • mgammonmgammon Posts: 66 Deckhand
    Wife had her second eye surgery so sorta sticking by close taking care of her .. Maybe this
    weekend if she can make it around on her own .. Overall we are amazed .. Dr. Guliani had
    brought her from legally blind without her glasses to 20/20 in both eyes .. Ask her if she is
    happy ... You getting to do any fishing behind your house at all ???
    G. Marshall Gammon (USN Ret)
    Jacksonville, FL
  • ChumSlickChumSlick Posts: 252 Officer
    We went yesterday afternoon and only caught 4 bull whiting... a bunch of sharks and a big lady fish. The sharks are thick. We will be out this weekend. Stop by and say hi if you make it out... hope the wife is well.
  • ChumSlickChumSlick Posts: 252 Officer
    Just a quick baitfish report... They are thick! Looking off the deck out in the water yesterday and today there are pods everywhere. no seen action on them yet but they are there. Makes me sick! I know there are some huge cobs under them... :banghead I can't wait to finnish the boat to get out there on them. Birnk your cast net if you make it out this weekend the mullet pods are close enouch to net.
  • ChumSlickChumSlick Posts: 252 Officer
    Didn't have a full moon report the entire weekend from the beach was awful. I am looking forward to this upcoming weekend. Thank God mama loves to fish!

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