Tarpon opportunities at Deadman's Cay, Bahamas?

flycasterflycaster Posts: 45 Deckhand
Will be fishing with Dwayne Knowles at Deadman's Cay in early May. This primarily will be a wading bone fishing trip as I love the flats there and don't want to schlep a lot of gear...if I don't have to. Dwayne will be taking us to both the inside and outside flats.

I'd like to know just what are the tarpon and permit opportunities in that area. Don't really want to dredge for tarpon nor do I care about size. Mostly interested in going after sightable baby tarpon-are there enough opportunities so that I would consider hiring a porter to carry the extra gear (LOL)? At present, I'm only considering bring 8 wt and 9wt rods (with appropriate reels and lines-floating and intermediate). If you say that tarpon/permit fishing can be very good, then I'll get that porter.


  • Blue ZoneBlue Zone Posts: 414 Officer
    I'm not framiliar with Deadman's, but I do a fair amount of wading the flats on Grand Bahama. It's rare to see tarpon around the flats unless you are near a deep cut and when you do see them they are generally small. They do like to hang out in deeper bays and canals and tend to show up around dawn and dusk. If you have a 10wt, I would bring that along and leave the 9wt at home in the hope of finding tarpon and larger permit. The 8 will be fine for bones, jacks, palmitos and most permit. Check with your guide to find out the chances of finding tarpon around the flats down there.

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