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P2250187.jpgThis is the first hog for one of my son friends taken saturday on a public area. We had lunch after not seeing any in the morning.The two boys wanted to take a nap after lunch,we had hit the road at 3 am to get to our wma at day break,I told them we should go back in the woods for the nap so we started down the trail .About 500 hundred yards down the lane we hear dogs running a pig,there was not supposed to be any dogs here.We took off after them and ran for about 15 minutes to catch up to them,there where 2 dogs on the hog I got the dogs off and had steven put the hog down.Then we hear GAME WARDEN shouting from behind us unload your weapons.We did and he is all ready to give me hell for the dogs. I explain to him that the dogs are not mine and we had just left the camp he was at explaining that we where walking in and heard the dogs .About this time a guy come out that had been chasing his dogs told the warden they where his dogs and was trying to explain how the dogs got to where he was. We where told take your hog and have a nice day.We headed back to camp and went into town for some ice .First hog for the kid and he will have a story to tell.
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    nice! good thing the owner came out when he did. im surprised he didnt ditch the dogs and slip out.
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    That'll be a nice eatin' pig!!

  • jwb0744jwb0744 Posts: 1 Greenhorn
    How do you get the game taste out of pig.
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    jwb0744 wrote: »
    How do you get the game taste out of pig.

    Soak it in fresh ice water in a cooler and keep changing out the water until it the old water comes out relatively clear and not bloody, takes a couple days and then when you go to eat it, marinate
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    Glad it turned out alright for ya and glad to see the Warden doing his job. Congrats to you guys.
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    jwb0744 wrote: »
    How do you get the game taste out of pig.

    A couple weeks of aging over ice and a 24 hour brine before cooking will do the trick.
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    Young pigs (under 100 lbs) are no problem. Just skin them.
    Big boars are nasty critters best left alone.
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    jwb0744 wrote: »
    How do you get the game taste out of pig.

    There is no gamey taste in a pig. It a fallacy. I have a 205# boar in the cooler right now and there is zero smell to it. Most people just don't know how to clean or cook it
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    I shot a little 20 pounder whose balls had not even descended and it had the boar taint. Shot it in the head too, not guts.

    IMO all boars have it, some just much more than others.
  • ScoutboatScoutboat Posts: 1,597 Captain
    How did you skin that thang?
    I ain't talkin about cookin, I'm talkin about skinning.

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