Gags, A Mango, and a very big Porgy

LateAgain, Myself and an old Navy friend from Lakeland went out to try our luck with the Mangos this morning and to say the bite was tough would be an understatement. Only 1 Mango wanted to come home for dinner, so we of course obliged him or maybe her. Gags were hot and eating everything we dropped down. Sardines, live shrimp, dead shrimp. Largest went 11 something pounds. Numerous Red grouper, Grunts, one small scamp, and an 8 lbs Porgy all hit the deck. Of course the RGs and Scamp found their way back home, but the rest took up residence in the ice cave and headed to Lakeland to be shared amongst the Curry family. No pics of the snapper, but here are some of the rest:


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