Hillsboro Beach Saturday 2/18/12 Wahoo

Headed out late and reached the inlet about 8:30. Trolled a pink rattle jet, 2 rapala magnums, a couple of other lures and a dolphin colored yozuri bonito. Zigged and zagged north for a little bit out to 450' and in to 100'. Nada. Headed south and just north of the steeple picked up a smallish Wahoo on the rattle jet which surprised me with all the other stuff down deep. We were in 110'.

Super calm day, nice to be out with my wife for a change. When we got back home about noon I noticed the yozuri which was brand new had a bunch of teeth marks on it and looked pretty beat up. I wonder if the wahoo went after that first and then went after the rattle jet which it was next to in the spread. Anyhow fish for dinner and beautiful day for a boat ride.

Joe G.
Joe G.
Lighthouse Point


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