Garmin Chartplotter with XM Weather - Sea Surface Temp Question

ChadJ55ChadJ55 Posts: 172 Officer
Hey guys,

I have a Garmin 4208 with the XM weather system. I typically don't keep the weather subscription active during the winter months because the storms are much less frequent and more predictable. I use the weather 99% to find and track storms. However, the subscription also enables the sea surface temperature display. In the past, I found the Garmin to do a pretty worthless job on the sea surface temp display when it comes to finding temperature breaks. It was very general and showed hardly any temp variations anywhere. Yet I heard from people with other manufacturers' units that had the satellite weather that it was very detailed and DID help them find the temp breaks. Recently Garmin did a software upgrade that aparently enables "HD" display of sea surface temp. Does anyone here have a Garmin unit with updated software that has used the XM weather for sea surface temps lately? Do you notice any improvement? I could always activate my subscription and go try it out, but figured I'd check to see if anyone has already done this and what the opinion is. I am specifically interested in how the temp displays are working in the South East Florida offshore area.

Thanks in advance.


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