Charter boat recomendation in Port Canaveral or Ponce for 8 - 12 people???

I'm trying to plan a trip for about 8 - 12 guys and I'd like to go out of Ponce or PC, but I 'm having a problem finding a boat besides a head boat that would take that many people for a reasonable price. I 'm attempting to find a boat for $60 - $100 a person that would take all of us... 4 - 6 hours would be fine as well. Any sugestions? All help is appreciated?
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    Why not charter 2-3 boats? Be allot of fun to have a little friendly tourney you could even set it up in advance to have them all stay within spittin and trash talkin distance of each other. Tim on the Cool Beans, Jeff on the Copout and John on the Goin Off. You'll have a blast. Tell um all Triple Threat sent you.
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    Call Captain Tim on the Waterproof out of Ponce.
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    island sprit at inlet harbor
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    The Rainbow II and III are still there with Capt Scott Ellis and Capt. John. I think they know the curve better'n anyone, but that's just my opinion. I've not been on a Six-Pack in 10 years or so since I have had my own boats. A while ago, Steve Ellis, his brother Scott and the dad, Gene were my favorites. Scott is the grandson of the man who had the original Rainbow, Capt. Gene, out of Ponce years ago. John was born right there in Ponce. The Rainbow II is a 40 footer out of Key West. Personally, I can't imagine a better charter to handle that many people because they have multiple boats and extremely experienced captains.

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    A reason you might find it hard to find one boat is that most licenses are for what is called a 6-Pack which means the boat is licensed for no more than 6 paying clients. After that, you generally get a head-boat. There are boats in between, but it's not as common. Most 6-Packs charge per charter, not per person. The price is the same for one person or six. Most I know will not put together a party that don't know each other because of problems with personalities where the captain is blamed.
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