No, it is not time to get it on in the Glades, but it is time to put this years event on you calendar to make sure you get your honey do's taken care of and plans straightened out.

Captain's Meeting: July 5th
Tournament Day: July 7th


For more information go to www.fftseries.com

The tournament committee is looking forward to putting on another event that with your alls support can be as good if not better than the previous 10 years of this tournament. I am not sure if I posted a thread about the update from FFT X, The Year of the Buff, but the event raise $1,700 that was donated to the South Florida National Parks Trust. These funds were used to augment existing funding for channel marker maintenance in the Florida Bay. This could not have happened without your support and the important support of the sponsors of the event. The committee is vigorously working with sponsors and we will be updating the status of the sponsors over the coming weeks. *We anticipate the sponsors that you all have become accustomed to over the years will continue to be support thisimportant event, the first ever to donate all the proceeds to the Park that we all enjoy so much.

Spread the word!!!



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