Miami mutton Report 2/5/12 Yellow Tails

Today, I went for the 5th time on the( take it easy). It’s a 30ft Robalo, out of key Biscayne. The seas were suppose to be 3 ft it was 2 to 4 at first then picked up, before we left around 2:pm it was already 4 to 6 feet, with east to southeast winds. We anchored in 90 feet, We were the only boat in the area. The tide was moving, but slow, started to chum and there came the yellow ball, the kids Inigo and John, started to catch tails back to back, while Ed, was fishing on the bottom, where he had a few hits and lost some nice fish. but the next few fish, made up for it, he put up the bottom rod and started catching some very nice tails, we also got taxed by a shark at least 3 times, on big drag peeling tails. In the mix we got one nice mack,5 rainbow runners and 9 bonitos and a bar jack that we used for bait. We stopped to re-count thinking we had the limit and ended up short of the limit by that time we got invaded by the bonitos and called it a day at 2:pm. Here are the pics for more look up miamimuttonman :fishing IMG_4188.jpgPhoto1096-1.jpgPhoto1097.jpgIMG_3157.jpgPhoto1094.jpgIMG_9667.jpgIMG_3662.jpgIMG_7128.jpg


  • marvin1156marvin1156 Posts: 20 Greenhorn
    Nice fish's Benny , hope have same luck tomorrow !
  • copout@castawayscopout@castaways Posts: 5,779 Officer
    Nice work Benny!
  • snookyjsnookyj Posts: 1,687 Officer
    Nice mess of tails there...nice job Benny!!
  • dusky19dusky19 Posts: 23 Greenhorn

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  • GrillNGrillN Posts: 61 Deckhand
    Nice bro! We went out of BP and didn't catch anything out by PL. The swells were huge. NOAA had it at 2-4. 2-4 my ***, more like 5-7. We went in to Elliot and kept 4 nice 3+ lb Mangos. With those swells, I didn't even think of anchoring my little 22' Anacapri. lol..
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  • chiliandochiliando Posts: 609 Officer
    Looks great Benny! Nice mess of fish!
  • TheFreediverTheFreediver Posts: 70 Deckhand
    Benny, great day in the water, very sporty by the way
    I really think we got 4 -6 all the time and a lot 7's
    I really enjoyed the hole day, to see such a force in the ocean
    is really amazing.
    Fishing was again fantastic, next time I hope we nail the mutton's
    we lose quite a few in the bottom .

    every time we go out we break our record with the biggest yellow tail
    in my boat.

    some of yesterday's YT where quite impressive.

    Wish the best to all
    Until the next time
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  • miami muttonmiami mutton Posts: 1,082 Officer
    The marine weather forecast messed up again forecasting seas around 3 feet and it was a steady 18 to 25 kts, at black point and we waited to see if it would drop and clear up a bid and it cleared up a bit but the wind was hauling,check out the flag pole at black all thanks for the replies and tight lines.Photo1101.jpg
  • Reel TeaseReel Tease Posts: 610 Officer
  • marvin1156marvin1156 Posts: 20 Greenhorn
    At least we try benny.

    Next time!
  • GrillNGrillN Posts: 61 Deckhand
    marvin1156 wrote: »
    At least we try benny.

    Next time!

    Yea he kicked my a**, going out from the same marina on the same day...:mad
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  • NVMataNVMata Posts: 157 Deckhand
    im speechless amazing catch Benny keep up the great work:hail! Tight Lines :fishing
  • marvin1156marvin1156 Posts: 20 Greenhorn
    Our boat was park waiting for The storm to pass, black Hummer + Donzi maybe u saw us. :shrug
  • GrillNGrillN Posts: 61 Deckhand
    marvin1156 wrote: »
    Our boat was park waiting for The storm to pass, black Hummer + Donzi maybe u saw us. :shrug

    not sure.. We were on the water at 5:45-6am. Red Excursion and white Anacapri. We didn't get not one drop of rain on us, just 5-7's out there.
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  • marvin1156marvin1156 Posts: 20 Greenhorn
    Yes it was nasty , goin to try tomorrow again :-)
    Lets see what happens
  • mako7873mako7873 Posts: 87 Deckhand
    Do you ever go out of Hillsboro inlet? I may want to hire you for a clinic. Let me know.

  • GrillNGrillN Posts: 61 Deckhand
    bump...any new reports?
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  • alacrityalacrity Posts: 2,655 Captain
    eduardo and benny, very nice job. congrats.
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  • marvin1156marvin1156 Posts: 20 Greenhorn
    When Fishing yesterday and this is what happens
    5 Muttons and 3 big grupers that a big big big barracuda eat so i just have to release their head .
    and a couple of nice tails , thanks benny for the advise and showing me new technics

    this are the bigges muttons .
  • miami muttonmiami mutton Posts: 1,082 Officer
    Nice catch,looks like you did well and lucky, the cuda got full with the groupers or you would of gotten some muttons taken too.The muttons are eating better each day. I've had two reports of more than a dozen caught by to different,people I know.within the last couple of days.But the weather this weekend is not predicted to be good.thanks for the comments and tight lines to all.
  • SemperMakoSemperMako Posts: 1 Greenhorn
    Bad weather, Great fishing. It makes it worthwhile to tolerate the bad weather when the fishing is that good.
    SEMPER FIshing Team :USA
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  • CaptHeavyCaptHeavy Posts: 717 Officer
    Those are some fat flags. ****.

    Are these being caught off wrecks or the reef?
    Lady Mitchell, Haulover
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  • miami muttonmiami mutton Posts: 1,082 Officer
    these big tails are in 90 feet on the reef, they are tricky to get we got them again report next
  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,007 AG
    ....5 rainbow runners......

    Wow! That's some awesome sashimi there!

    Great trip and thanks for the photos!
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