bight v bay v inlet v cove v harbor

Was trying to figure out the difference between all these types of bodies of water in south Florida. Here's the definition of each, although I would imagine some of the locally named bodies of water are misnomers.

Basin - a region of land where water from rain or snowmelt drains downhill into another body of water, such as a river, lake, or dam

Bay - an area of water bordered by land on three sides.

Bight - a large and often only slightly receding bay, or a bend in any geographical feature.

Cove - a coastal landform. Earth scientists generally use the term to describe a circular or round inlet with a narrow entrance, though colloquially the term is sometimes used to describe any sheltered bay.

Estuary - a semi-enclosed coastal body of water with one or more rivers or streams flowing into it, and with a free connection to the open sea

Gulf - a part of a lake or ocean that extends so that it is surrounded by land on three sides, similar to, but larger than a bay.

Harbor - a man-made or naturally occurring body of water where ships are stored or may shelter from the ocean's weather and currents

Inlet - a body of water, usually seawater, which has characteristics of one or more of the following: bay, cove, estuary, firth, fjord, geo, sea loch, or sound.

Lagoon - a body of comparatively shallow salt or brackish water separated from the deeper sea by a shallow or exposed sandbank, coral reef, or similar feature.

Sound - a large sea or ocean inlet larger than a bay, deeper than a bight, wider than a fjord, or it may identify a narrow sea or ocean channel between two bodies of land.
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  • nbseafrognbseafrog Posts: 521 Officer
    What about a Soundletuarygoon. You know...

    Soundletuarygoon- a body of water, usually seawater but sometimes not, which has characteristics of none or more of the following: smaller than a bay but bigger than a cove, deeper than an estuary but shallower than a firth, similar to a bay but bordered with land on an even number of sides great than 4 but less than 8, similar to a geo only with more letters, nothing like a sea loch, may identify a narrow sea or ocean channel between two bodies of land which are completely submerged by even more water.

    Better be able to correctly identify a soundletuarygoon. Navigating this body of water can sometimes be tricky. Hope this helps. Stay safe my friend...
    Catch 'em up!


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