Looking for a partner to bone fish in the Bahamas.

flycasterflycaster Posts: 45 Deckhand
I am an experienced flats fly fisherman looking for a fishing partner to defray costs for a wadding bone fishing trip to the Bahamas (or other reasonable destination). I am not looking for anything fancy and expensive, just a good guide, a clean place to stay and food that doesn't bite me back. I would like to fish some time before the full moon in April or May. In the Bahamas, I have done a DIY to Aklins and fished Deadman's Cay on Long Island. Elsewhere, fished Latin America and Mexico many times.


  • LostFLAboyLostFLAboy Posts: 29 Greenhorn
    Hate to see a fella not get a response, but you've probably gotten bombarded with PMs. I'd love to go, but can't pull myself away from this great weather we're having. The air temps are up into the 40s during the day and the water temps might reach 36 or 38 degrees, which'll fire the steelhead up! Combine that with the leaky old wetsuit I call waders and I am in heaven!!! :rotflmao

    Seriously, wish that I could Flycaster.
  • flycasterflycaster Posts: 45 Deckhand
    Thanks for the encouragement. Got myself a partner and will be going to do the bones at Deadman's Cay, Long Island, Bahamas in early May. Great flats. Miles of them with solid level bottoms. Ummmm, can't wait.
  • DowntownNashDowntownNash Posts: 182 Officer
    Not to be too nosey, or ask for any names but I've always wondered if these types of things work out for people. This is obviously a pretty big trip. Did you find somebody to go with you on this forum, or any other forum?
  • flycasterflycaster Posts: 45 Deckhand
    Hey, all good questions. I had put out shouts on several fly fishing forums. Also, I got in touch with my local fly shop and fly fishing club. And you are certainly right in questioning how two strangers can get together for a week. Since I have rarely traveled with a fishing partner over the years (none of my friends fly fished), I've been with guys I liked and guys I didn't care for. However, we had one thing in common and that helped to keep things civil. Yeah, you take a chance, but when you can almost half the single's rates, not a problem.
  • LostFLAboyLostFLAboy Posts: 29 Greenhorn
    I hope this one works out for you, Flycaster. I was kind of curious about that sort of stuff myself. I for one would like to see some pictures and a trip report if you don't mind?

    Say Downtown, not to hijack Flycaster's thread, but I saw where you were thinking of moving out this way. Have you made the plunge yet?
  • DowntownNashDowntownNash Posts: 182 Officer
    Flycaster - Thanks for the response. Great to hear and I also wish the best.

    LostFLAboy - My plans have changed a bit so I'll update that thread here soon before I leave for work

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