Married in the keys June 4th!!

So as it turns out, I found the greatest woman in the world to marry me, after this you might agree.
So the plan was to get married on the beach, we found a nice place called Rainbow Bend Resort, fantastic place, friendly, clean, boats are included with your room! The wind blew 20-30 for a week and a half straight except for 1 day. The wedding was planned for Saturday, so naturally the bachelor party was Friday, 4 of my closest friends and myself took out a charter with Capt, Jeff Rella, I have fish with Jeff many times before and he is the best captain you could ask for. since the seas were so sloppy we opted to go back country and look for Jewfish, sharks and permit. got started with the first bait going in, a 10 lb jack crevalle, down he went, about 2 minutes later I was hooked to a freight train!! 3 more big baits went down and 3 more either cut off or hook pulls, finally we get the hook into one solid and a big black tip comes aside, rod get passed around a bit for the next few hours, everyone got to catch a blacktip or bull shark and a Jewfish. Most of the Jewfish were between 40 and 60 pounds, except the one that me and my buddy Steve teamed up on, he got the hook up and after 20 minutes or so fighting a piano, his arms cramped, so I gladly jumped in and finished this guy off, we took a few measurements and are guessing around 300 lbs, don't waste your time saying "that's no 300 pounder" I don't care, I was there you were not.
So after all this madness, Scott decides to take the rod one more time and try for another grouper, he hooks up and its probably a solid 50 pounder, see video to see the rest of this disaster!! HAHA

So the wife drops on me, honey, I got us a guided bonefish trip as a present to us!!! I've always wanted to catch one, and here's my chance, but not before my new wife, she got the first one, I got one an hour later. The wind was terrible, those fish are not easy top spot, a lesser guide would not have found these fish, Capt Luke Kelly is the man!!!



  • Anger ManagementAnger Management Posts: 11 Greenhorn
    finally figured out the pics
  • Final PointFinal Point Posts: 457 Officer
    I watched this with the wife sitting next to me and she says "and you expect me to go diving with you in the Keys while you spearfish?!?!". LOL
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    Congrats! Nice fish and a great experience, thanks for sharing.
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    Pretty Work on the fish and the marriage. Did you eat at the Hideaway? Great food. My cousin got married the following weekend at Hawks Cay. Be glad it was windy. The wind had died down that weekend and it was miserably hot.

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    congrats, and some nice fish too!
  • SloughSlough S.w. Ga./ St. JamesPosts: 3,163 Captain
    Congats :beer
  • Sick DaySick Day Posts: 258 Officer
    That shark video was crazy!
  • walkerkbwalkerkb Posts: 174 Officer
    Nice job. You obviously have a great woman there, kudos to you! Some nice jewfish, sharks, and bones. I feel your pain on the wind as I was down there too but it's still an awesome time in the Keys no matter how you cut it. Congrats!!!
  • thinfisherthinfisher Posts: 326 Officer
    Congrats to you and the've got a good one there and nice report/pics.
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