Jan. 7th Dive report

RootbeerRootbeer Posts: 128 Officer
Went out with our friends over to Matheson for a change... Usually we have been launching out of homestead but to save some money we decided to go to Matheson since its about 15 minute drive from our house...

There was cops road blocking old cutler that held us for 1 hour before they let us into the park... We had to have patience!

The first spot we wanted to check on was a cuda spot of ours... In two weeks from now we plan to take someone from Canada on our boat and the guy wants to land a really big cuda to make a Euro Mount out of the Skeleton... pretty cool! So, my husband decided to go scout out the spot to check if they were still congregating there and they were... We chopped off the heads afterwards to try doing our own skeleton mount hope it works cause it looks like a jig-saw-puzzle my husband says...

Well, our buddy Papo shot the first shot at a nice cuda and I watched him dive down chasing that thing from behind it and I was freaking out and I had my gun ready in case he needed help... Can't believe he went so close to it to shoot it... Once he shot the reel locked on him and he was jet skiing underwater for a few split seconds till the reel unlocked and started to peel out line... That thing was mad! We backed away and watched that thing shake its head and told our friend to go and bring it up while on the boat to stay safe since he didn't get to make a kill shot on the monster...

Next thing we know our next friend Dylan was swimming back to the boat and I was wondering if he got tired or what? Then I see this huge monster of a cuda that he shot around the gill plate I think it was so to be on the safe side he also reeled that beast up aboard from the boat... My husband wasn't suppose to be diving down since I told him his nose was bleeding really badly last week when he shot the grouper but he took a shot at a cuda while i was shooting a squid...

We shot hogs and muttons and triggerfish and nice size 20 inch mangrove snapper and some lobsters...

We had a great time and I got to shoot my first mutton yesterday

It was glass clear the water and super perfect conditions but very very cold diving... the water was in the 60's when we first got there and later it rose to the 70's..


My first Mutton!!! :grin



  • Lobstercatcher229Lobstercatcher229 Posts: 4,843 Officer
    Great report! Those muttons are hard to shoot. I wonder if the cold water slows them down any?
  • RootbeerRootbeer Posts: 128 Officer
    Thanks Bill :) Yes they are super hard for me to shoot... My husband and our other dive buddies told me that the whole technique is to slowly sneak up on top of them then slowly go down on top of them and take the shot...

    The only way I got to shoot this mutton is because I gave it to my husband and he shot it in the gill plates and it shook off the shaft with quickness and ran away right into me and I took my time diving on top of it and I took my sweet time getting real close to get a clean shot that went through one of the eyes... Next time I get another mutton I'm going to try hard to make sure I slowly approach it from up top and see what happens but man does it take a deep breath hold...

    I was down for awhile taking my time and not always am I able to do that depending on the current fight and everything else that can wear you down but good thing yesterday was perfect weather and no current to fight... so i was able to go down deep and stay down for awhile to my surprise...

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