12-30-2011 Dolphin, Blackfin, and Tile Fish

Headed out Friday morning to Finally get our stone crab traps out with my wife, pops and sister. Made sure to bring the rods along to get some fishing in after dumping the traps off. Finished up around 9 AM and popped offshore to try and get some dolphin and hopefully a wahoo as had some good reports they were out there. Get into about 250 off Pacific and start putting out a shotgun on what will eventually be my 5 line spread and it get's crushed! About 5 minutes later have a nice little 5 pound Bull at the boat and hes got a cow hangin with him. Pitch him a Ballyhoo chunk on the spinner and shes hooked up too now! ****! 3 minutes of fishing and we got two on! So everyone's pumped. I lay the steel into the little bull and drop him off in a hatch and the cow for some reason knows shes hooked but just keeps hanging at the boat. I'm messing around trying to undo the snap swivel on the leader of the bull we just pulled in and my pops goes to gaff the little cow green and of course it goes buck and slips off the gaff and my sister for some reason set the road back in the boat and was holding it by the top. So the fish falls off the gaff and takes off sisters hand is holding the line at the tip. Broken line. No worries **** happens. And its too nice out and to early to worry about losing a 3-5 lb cow during the holidays.

We get set back up and start heading south east and in about 350' we see some fish busting the surface. Troll around them and take a hook to the west so the lines go right through them and we get a little blackfin! The school stays at the surface and we end up getting the lines to em again and hook up with a second black fin and get him in the boat still in 350'

We troll on and end up with another dolphin in about 450'. Just another 5-6 lb bull. Which we are happy with and continue on our merry way trolling. At about 1:00 PM we hook another blackfin the is so small he is being reeled in across the surface like a bait. We send him back on his way as I think the lure was bigger than he was! Decided to start heading north for a while in 350' and we pick up another blackfin in 350' range. Turns out to be the biggest of the day, but not by much.

Pretty disappointed no wahoo's on the Islander yet so we get to high speeding for about 2 hours just after the tie switch. No luck there. Stop at our tile spot on our way up north and on the first drop we find em after about 15 minutes. A nice 5 pound+ fish. So we make a second drop and immediately as the weight hits the bottom were on again. Hoist him to the top and make a third drop. On em again! this one gets off after a few thumps and about 45 feet of winding so I put the weight back on the bottom and with in 5 minutes we are hooked up again! Bring the third fish in the boat and set up to try to get our final fish! We end up off the drift by a hair or so and the fourth drop doesn't produce. We decide to give it one final drop to see if they are still there or they shut down. Weight hits the bottom and with in 2-3 minutes we are on again! Bring the fourth and final Tile to the boat and call it a day at 4 PM and head in to the dock!

Had a great time fishing with the family over the holidays on a beautiful day! Plus the catching wasn't to bad either!



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