Near World Record Snook - Nosara, Costa Rica

Matt JornMatt Jorn Posts: 221 Officer
Check out what local angler Martin Ramirez pulled out of the Nosara River Mouth:

I checked the IGFA All Tackle Records for Black Pacific Snook (57lbs. 12 oz, 1991), White Pacific Snook (47 lb 8 oz, 2001), and Common Snook (53 lb 10 oz, 1978) and I think this one is certainly in the argument with these record fish. Also, Martin claims he caught a bigger one last year that was basically the same girth but was longer.

Of course we are off the beaten path here so no digital fish scales or IGFA observers, ergo no record application.

Still one heck of a fish! This is what I mean when I tell people that the Snook fishing in Costa Rica is world-class just like the offshore billfishing.
Pura vida!

Matt Jorn


  • 001001 Posts: 4,292 Officer
    That thing has shoulders
  • IshIsh Posts: 797 Officer
    Wow !!!!
  • 72soa72soa Posts: 314 Officer
    What is used for bait to catch the Pacific snook? Do the pacific snook act like the snook in FL? Hang out in rivers and inlets, etc. I always hear a lot about off shore in Costa but have wondered about inshore fishing in brackish water.
  • 10kman10kman Posts: 259 Deckhand
    Few years ago there was a 65 lb.snook caught off of Jupiter,Fl.beach.But the fish may have not
    be IFGA qualified because a boat saw the fisherman trying to land this monster and decided to give
    him a hand.
  • DudeDude Posts: 1,789 Officer
    Beast of a fish! Check out that Ugly Stik combo he is posing with. Impressive! The amount of trash that flows out of the river mouths in Costa Rica on an outgoing tide is amazing.
  • landlubberlandlubber Posts: 313 Officer
    What a MONSTER snook! I have seen some big 40 lbers but they don't compare to that. It's amazing that plastic reel held up!
    That is one big old Snook an makes my 44lb 11oz look sad.:hail:
  • MoganSlayaMoganSlaya Posts: 131 Officer
    WOW!!!! My buddy lives down there and talks about monster snook in a river by his house. They get them on top water lures and big plugs. That fish riiiiight there is HUGE!!!!

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  • BodineBodine Posts: 2,826 Captain
    I miss Grandmaster Angler, I bet he knows the story on this fish.
    F the feds
  • TrophyRoomAppTrophyRoomApp Posts: 172 Officer
    Great Job !
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