Yankee ''12/06/11

Here are some pictures lets just say i had Dinner :hungry :icon10

someone misses the family

First mutton

Chris with a huge yellow eye lol..

Black Grouper


Second grouper


I think we look a lil tierd

Hey what are you looking at:grin

Stop looking at my bait

Then Mr mutton

Omg is that greg fishing ''no way''




  • bite my baitbite my bait Posts: 459 Deckhand
    Nice trip bobby.i heard u took the belt away from jarvis on this trip.you must of done some nice voodoo,lol.good job.would u say it was a better trip than the one we did on october? Where i think everyone took dinner home.lol
  • Got TA GoGot TA Go Posts: 2,608 Officer
    Nice Catchin'! :beer


    Hero's Don't Wear Capes....They Wear Dog Tags.
  • snappersnatchersnappersnatcher Posts: 134 Officer
    Nice trip bobby.i heard u took the belt away from jarvis on this trip.you must of done some nice voodoo,lol.good job.would u say it was a better trip than the one we did on october? Where i think everyone took dinner home.lol
    This trip was epic all huge fish many many over 18lbs. Many blacks. Great trip the shallowes we fished was 180feet. We stayed in the 200's. The october trip was more bites but way smaller fish
    this was it thats all i can say.
  • snappersnatchersnappersnatcher Posts: 134 Officer
    ooooooo we only fished til wednesday at 12:00. So imagine what we could of done . The wind was crazy and for the safety of us Capt. Matt knew what to do
    and that is hide, fun and fast hit the turbo lol. Thank you Matt, Gread and my lil buddies the crew Great job guys with the gaff and all those Sharks aka ''DOGS''.
    Til next time.
  • HawkboatHawkboat Posts: 1,030 Officer
    Nice report and good trip Bobby
    Capt Bill
  • ZecuraZecura Posts: 41 Deckhand
    Looks like a great trip. Congrats.
    I cried because I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet.

    This too shall pass.
  • TavernierGuyTavernierGuy Posts: 917 Officer
    Great looking catch. Nice job guys!
  • cudamancudaman Posts: 402 Officer
    Nice fish, looks like a great trip.
    I only keep what I eat or will use for bait.
    I release all sharks.
  • chicochico Posts: 496 Deckhand
    Thanks for the report and great pics!!! Some NICE fish there!!!!
  • HeavyhitterHeavyhitter Posts: 91 Deckhand
    I will post my pics tommorow when I get my camera back!
    It was a great trip! We were overdue for a good one! I apologize if some diddnt have enough time to make the annual fishing mission charter, it was a good one to be on! I will do a better job in letting more people know if I can. But who ever is interested in this type of thing, dont make me try to hunt you down, give me a shout! I will be putting another together for this season, but will always have one in the begining of Dec/end of Nov. As for the crown, thats another story! All caught very nice fish, alot of big muttons! For the amount of anglers on board to get into the blue fish box is awesome!
  • globalwavetrackerglobalwavetracker Posts: 227 Deckhand
    Amazing fishery and yet can be finicky when the weather is unco-operative. Bobby, seems the conditions were right as Greg put it to dial in on the jumbos. No window to goof for me, too much going, will have to wait till Jan. Beautiful night in NJ, no wind.
  • DanMontzDanMontz Posts: 75 Deckhand
    Wow... that looks like an epic trip!
  • Yankee CaptsYankee Capts Posts: 740 Officer
    Thanks for taking the time to report Bob!

    Glad you caught dinner.

  • superfishsuperfish Posts: 112 Officer
    Nick you tore them up with the small window you had(congrats)to you and the boat and crew(TOP NOTCH AS ALWAYS)
  • danmanswagdanmanswag Posts: 515 Officer
    good stuff dude...been trying to get back on there but been busy...i know i'll be going on a trip in about a month or so!
  • Lucky7Team2Lucky7Team2 Posts: 6,794 Officer
    What happens after Jan 1 with the grouper closure, you release them or fish areas where you can keep?
  • Yankee CaptsYankee Capts Posts: 740 Officer
    We fish west of 83 00 00. We still can keep grouper there until Feb 1. We lose the ability to keep them only in Feb and Mar.

    These days grouper make up a very small percentage of our catch. Last year on my watch we let 26 groupers go during the closure. Not a big deal unless your the guy with the 40 pound black!

  • snappersnatchersnappersnatcher Posts: 134 Officer
    Please don't let that be me!!!! Please please......:cry
  • BoloBolo Posts: 9 Greenhorn
    Great job Bobby.
  • miami muttonmiami mutton Posts: 1,082 Officer
    Nice catch Guys. I miss that boat and crew.congrats.
  • snappersnatchersnappersnatcher Posts: 134 Officer
    Thank you bolo it was a epic trip should of made it
  • GreenngoldfeverGreenngoldfever Posts: 194 Officer
    Sick fish bubba. That Black is a stud...
  • snappersnatchersnappersnatcher Posts: 134 Officer
    thanks greenngoldfever it was tasty

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