I've been using Scopace (scopalomine) tablets .04mg for years to combat motion sickness. I went to refill my prescription the other day only to find out they are not being made anymore. I called the manufacturer, Hope Pharmaceutical, and they said they made a business decision to stop making them. I guess I'll try Bonine and see how that works out. Jim


  • Renagade69Renagade69 Posts: 1,213 Officer
    was there anything wrong with them? I have some left and wonder if I should use them.
  • throwbackthrowback Posts: 149 Officer
    There is nothing wrong with them, Hope wasn't making $ off of them.
  • eQuipMatteQuipMatt Posts: 267 Officer
    Try using Ginger! you can by it in pill form at any health food or viatamin store. Mythbusters did an episode on it (episode 43 if you want to look it up), so my wife tried it. She can get sea sick in a bath tub??? It does work without the drugged up feeling like dramamine or bonine. She was able to bait a hook in 3 ft seas on a flats boat in the keys. That wins in my book
  • IntheslotIntheslot Posts: 277 Officer
    Triptone pill upon waking up with big glass of water.

    Ginger gum as needed.
  • Plane Fish nPlane Fish n Posts: 6,428 Admiral
    Junior baiter...

    It was great talking on the radio last week.

    You have a pm
  • AnyhooAnyhoo Posts: 110 Deckhand
    Those pills were the best. Sorry to hear that they have been discontinued.

  • scopace2013scopace2013 Posts: 3 Greenhorn
    If anybody is looking for Scopace 0.4 mg tablets, it is no longer manufactured, however Steven's Pharmacy & Compounding Center in California has the ingredients & can compound an equivalent strength & ship directly to you. Their phone # is 800-352-3784. Steven's Pharmacy is a good compounding resource for any of your custom prescription needs. Visit them at or call them.
  • century7century7 Posts: 2,400 Captain
    This thread is two years old I am guessing spam
    It works 60% of the time all the time......

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