North/Central Florida Hunting Lease Prices?

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I have an opportunity to lease 100 acres in north central Fl which consists of 50% hardwoods & 50% planted pine with a 1/4 mile of River frontage and was looking how best to price the value for the landowner? He asked me. Any north central Florida guys on here that could give me some values based on what they are paying for their leases? This is in a farming area with just a few weekend river house's on just one corner of one side. All other boarders are more private woods/Pine. Driving in we saw huge Gobblers standing in the Pine rows and after we walked the property we found a fresh rub and found his scrapes along the back fence line a couple hundred yards apart. Property has never been hunted per land owner, other than poachers but I saw no trash or signs of hunters? Think the river homeowners have been walking their dogs down our owners dirt lane into property and to river but we have ok to put up gate and signs. Will also have a LEO as a partner/hunter who lives very close by property to check on it. Could be a gold mind or a dud? Whats its worth?$ Really nice looking land. I was thinking $8-12 and acre. What u say....



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    Sounds about right. We are paying just over $6 in Union county.
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    I think that might be a bit high for such a small piece of property. In this market, with the seasons 1/3 - 1/2 of the way finished, it seems very high for this year. For 100 acres I would say $600-$800 is commensurate with the area and size of the land. Anything more is excessive in my opinion. If this is in Zone C, paying more than $500 for the remainder of the season is a bad precedence to begin.
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    Offer $3-5 per ac for the rest of the season (2 months to the date if in zone c) and if you like what you see then negotiate for next season. 8-12 is the going rate. Size of the land doesnt' bother me as long as it in the right location. You may call me crazy but I pay $100 a season to hunt 5 ac. It's 5 ac in the middle of 1000's of ac of plantation. It's worth it to me to take my girls and watch them see and kill deer.
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    I was thinking that this is high too.

    Unlike most things, hunting land does not get cheaper (per acre) the bigger it gets... it gets cheaper the smaller it gets. You figure 100 acres in good thick woods really will only hunt two people. I imagine you'll start finding it fairly challenging, even in thick woods, to set up a predominent wind stand for you and your buddy, and a fall back stand for you and your buddy.

    Then you factor in neighbors and unknowns. Let's say you find a good lease that is 1,000, 2,000, 10,000, 17,000, etc acres and everybody plays be the rules (age / antler restrictions), etc. That same 100 acres in the middle of that lease is now worth a lot more (in terms of $/acre and quality of deer... typically) than the 100 acre island you're looking at with unknowns all around it.

    Like you said, it could be a freakin' GOLD MINE, but it could be tough depending on where deer are bedding and WHEN they are using the property.

    What is the shape of the 100 acres?

    How close is it to where you live? I for one would pay a VERY PRETTY penny for something that was close even if the hunting wasn't all that great. Can you hang feeders so you can hunt trails leadng to them (again, this gets back to where deer are bedding and the shape of the property)? Are the bears thick (if so, forget about having year round feeders unless you want to check on them all the freakin' time)?

    All of that being said, and if you're splitting it with one other person, I'd probably go as high as $1,000 for the year (pending encouraging answers to all of these questions). If you have already established a raport with the guy and he's going to talk to you no matter what (as opposed tot he proverbial door slam in the face), then maybe you try and get some answers to questions that you have and price accordingly. With out more info, I'd start at $700 split two ways and see what he says.

    I can tell you right now, that if it was close to me, I'd fork out $350 for a place to hunt with just one other guy.
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    Depends on the sign on it or if it were my only hunting oppurtunity. Sounds like a gold mine to me,my little spot only cost me some deer meat when I get one. Offer to pay his property taxes on it or if they're real high pay half of it.
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    My experience when offering leases for bid is different than what others have said. As long as the property has decent number of game using the it, I've seen that smaller properties receive more offers and that most offers are for higher than the average per acre rate of a larger lease. At least that's been my experience when reviewing bid offerings. The main motivation I've seen for higher offers is because of the lack of headaches that usually accompany having a club with alot of members.
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    Walker Dog wrote: »
    My experience when offering leases for bid is different than what others have said. As long as the property has decent number of game using the it, I've seen that smaller properties receive more offers and that most offers are for higher than the average per acre rate of a larger lease. At least that's been my experience when reviewing bid offerings. The main motivation I've seen for higher offers is because of the lack of headaches that usually accompany having a club with alot of members.

    I believe that, and I'm sure we are both right. I'm sure there are thresholds where differnt ways of looking at it makes more sense to both parties.

    Assuming land / game is 100% equal...

    $/acre for re for 40 acres will be less than $/acre for 1,200 acres. 1,200 acres is a decent sized piece of property that would be very attractive to a small group of guys that really wanted to do things right. It's big enough to keep deer on and do differet things, but it's also small enought that 6 folks could afford it. So smaller = cheaper / arcre here.

    $/acre for 2,000 acres would probably be more than $/acre for say... 15,000 acres. Again, the 2,000 acre piece has an appeal to a wide group of folks. Big enough to manage, small enough to afford... means your going to pay a premium for it. Where as when a timber company goes to lease a 15,000 acre piece, they might drop the price a little bit because it's easier on them to not have to deal with ten different clubs! So in this case, they pay a premium.

    So... it could go either way.

    As far as a guy and his buddy going out and looking for something in the $3-$10 / acre range... I think in that case, they can expect to pay less per acre for a smaller piece.

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    What happens on the land bordering the "lease" is important? If the deer spend a lot of time on that land is it hunted? Will you primarily bowhunt it? You might offer the owner a half year lease to check it out and if you see enough sign or deer, go ahead and offer $5 to $6 an acre since it is relatively small. If you can Spring Turkey hunt, then that might also make it more valuable as a lease. As someone else mentioned - if it's close, it's value is greater to you or your buddy. I'd probably risk it for a chance at a honey hole depending on what happens next door (If the neighbors don't hunt etc.).
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    With it being 100 acres. Make sure there are woods around it. I leased a piece up in Ga. 112 acres and looked great. But after hunting a couple of times I realized it was to busy of an area. It was the main traffic highway for the area. It was just loud all the morning and evening hours. Trail cams should the deer were all nocturnal. Just some info.
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    I hunted 130 acres one year in south GA. I didn't have to lease it, just work the plots and put up stands. I can't help you on the price but just wanted to give you an idea how a property small like that worked for us.

    It was small like yours and bordered by a quail plantation on 3 sides. We hunted the property pretty hard and still didn't pressure the deer. We had the plots to try and keep them around when it got cold. It was mature pines, 20 acre swamp, and some hardwoods.

    We saw lots of does and shot about 6. We didn't see any mature bucks until the last week of Thanksgiving. 3 of us each shot a buck that went from 120"-133" and saw a handful more with a couple being bigger but didn't have shots.

    I like a small property like that as long as you hunt it right and it has the acreage like you're talking about surrounding it. The deer move through mostly. We saw a couple small bucks and a few does with yearlings regularly we figured bedded on the property. Most other deer were just passing through.

    The price would be what you think its worth to you. I'd offer $500 this time in the season. Check out the property and see what happens. If its anything good like what we were lucky to hunt, I would pay 12 an acre for the whole year, enjoy the woods, and bring some friends and family that aren't going to walk all over a wma for a doe.
  • BCSAILSBCSAILS Posts: 435 Officer
    Thanks for the info and opinions guys!
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    Around here there's a big difference in price for certain tracts even though they might be within 10 miles of each other. You say river frontage, I would jump on any land bordering the Suwannee in White Springs(if there's any left). I wouldn't pay much at all to hunt land bordering the Suwannee in Luraville or Hatchbend. Just depends on the location of the property.

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