flamingo 06/16

Hit Flamingo on Saturday.  Another great trip. The drive down from northwest Broward is a serious pain in the butt, but all is forgotten once we get there.  Truly an incredible place.

Mixed bag of Permit, Trout, Reds, Snook, Mangrove snapper and multiple mack attacks.  We lost a ton of tackle to the mackerel but its a good excuse to get some new gear.  Launched from the outside and ran west.  Boys had a double header on redfish and they both managed their first slam as well.  Left them biting once the afternoon storms kicked up.

Amazing day for everyone and some incredible memories for all of us.  


  • MGDMGD Posts: 988 Officer
    heck of a trip!!!!!!!!!!
  • lemaymiamilemaymiami Posts: 2,864 Captain
    great report!
    Tight Lines
    Bob LeMay
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  • 1outlaw1outlaw Naples FLPosts: 646 Officer
    Great memories for them 2 and you!!
    Jason :USA
  • FrydaddyFrydaddy Boynton BeachPosts: 368 Deckhand
    Nice job
  • The ParkerThe Parker Posts: 59 Greenhorn
    Good job 
  • Fishin' MusicianFishin' Musician Posts: 67 Greenhorn
    Great to see the kids out there.
    Might try it this week.
  • CoastalCatchCoastalCatch Lighthouse PointPosts: 300 Deckhand
    Cool dudes!  B)

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  • lowe-boylowe-boy Posts: 1,207 Officer
    what area did you find the permit?
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  • seaplusplusseaplusplus Posts: 136 Deckhand
    Thank you all for the kind words.  The fish are definitely out there!  

    @lowe-boy ; -- found them west of Shark River

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