Big Bull Slurps Up a Peanut - June 9 - Video

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Took the kids fishing offshore on Mike's 36ft Wellcraft. The 50/50 Tournament happened to be going on at the same time, so there were a loty of boats out there. It was my daughter, Melany's 1st time offshore and she caught her 1st dolphin. We pulled Fish Razr Dredges to lighten up from the normal dredges that we pull. 

We had a school of mahi swarm the boat and a hungry monster bull come up and slurp up a peanut. Check out the video in the links above. 


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    As a charter Captian in key west ive seen a lotta big fish go aftr hooked dolphin.
    Marlin being some of my best memories.
    One that stands out is a 400ish blue swallow a tuna we had online.
    And then spit it at boatside while leadering it. The marlin was never hooked but only had the blackfin
     Deep in it's belly.
  • 2fastlx2fastlx Posts: 401 Deckhand
    Video doesnt show him eating it, its like that part is cut out?
  • andrewthe1andrewthe1 Posts: 523 Officer
    2fastlx said:
    Video doesnt show him eating it, its like that part is cut out?
    no its click bait for the wanna be youtube famous attention deprived poster lol
    we need more internet money
  • pjepje Orlando , FlPosts: 470 Deckhand
    Here's a marlin going after a 25 lb mahi  ... no affiliation lol 

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    This video has caused such contervesy as to whether the bull ate the peanut or not. The seas were every bit of 4ft that day and I was on the bow with a 6ft stick coming in and out of the water. The bull came up suddenly charging the peanut. You be the judge, what happened to the peanut? 
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    It would have been a nice video if you had gotten it - instead you say you did and lie to everyone. 

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