Smoky Mountains?

Eddy dEddy d Posts: 267 Deckhand
Anyone fly fish the smokies? Going to be up there end of June and would love to hear any advice. Never tried it before.
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  • mnigromnigro Posts: 70 Greenhorn
    stealth is your friend especially if you’re hitting the smaller creaks for brook trout. For the bigger rivers, they get heavy pressure so fish early. Rain also plays a big part and low water makes things harder. 

    Most dry flies are attractor patterns. Have a couple yellow sallies, Adams in various sizes and generic nymphs. SJ worms always catch fish. A few tricos might be good too. 

    You can can get the pdf map of the parks with many of the streams shown. Use that for starters. The harder to reach, the less people fish it...

    5 wt rod or lighter. 3 wt is ideal. Shorter is good but unless you’re belly crawling up a blue line, you’ll be fine with anything in the 8-9’ range. 
  • tailingendloop77tailingendloop77 Posts: 780 Officer
    Went to college up there. If you told me more about where you're going to be, I could be very specific. If you're going to be in Gatlinburg, that's the part of the park I know least. 

    The first reply was good re: equipment, flies and stealth. Wear green, brown, blue, even camouflage. Go with 9-foot leaders and 6X tippet for dries, 5X or 4X for nymphs (fluoro is good). Yellow is your go-to color for dries, the elk hair caddis is my favorite, size 14 or 16.
  • Eddy dEddy d Posts: 267 Deckhand
    We will be in Sevierville on Douglas lake and will travel all around the park and outside of it. Just trying to get a feel for what works. 
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  • tailingendloop77tailingendloop77 Posts: 780 Officer
    Check in with Little River Outfitters. I think they're the 800-pound gorilla in that area - - drop a few bucks on flies and supplies, get some good reports...

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