Are Baited Crab Snares legal in Florida?

quatinquatin Posts: 593 Officer

For those who don't know, you cast this thing out on the end of a fishing rod and the mono line "snares" the legs of crabs that get close.

I've been reading the regs for blue crab, stone crab and lobster. It seems like it's legal for blue crab, since you can hook & line. Most likely lobster if the mono is thick enough. However, I'm unsure about stone crab, because it's not specifically listed as a legal device nor an illegal device. It's a judgement call on if this device can "harm" a stone crab if snared improperly. My gut instinct is if a lobster snare is legal, this device should also be legal?


  • repairrepair Posts: 205 Deckhand
    seems like a standard star or box trap would be easier to use than that thing

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  • Westwall01Westwall01 Posts: 4,682 Captain
    All the above must be released unharmed if caught out of season or are undersized or over the bag limit which means they must be completely intact. Not sure that would always be possible with a mono snare damaging or removing antenna and or legs..
  • saltybluegrasssaltybluegrass Posts: 53 Greenhorn
    looks like SE has the most open season for crabs all variety. Stone crab oct 15 - may 15  
    10 gal each - id like to know how many poles you could set. I think it’s same as traps in the regs so 5
    i’m going to make my own. i bought the grill mats to form the box. 
    Here’s a clean up
    crap trap closures every 3 years map
  • ANUMBER1ANUMBER1 Posts: 8,459 Admiral
    trap closures are every 2 years
    stone crab is one gallon per harvester or two gallons per boat, whichever is less.
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  • stc1993stc1993 Albany, GA Carrabelle, FLPosts: 4,475 Captain
    Seems like I remember it's illegal to bring undersized lobsters out of the water.  I could be wrong though that was a long time ago.
  • Westwall01Westwall01 Posts: 4,682 Captain

    Like Art said

  • spanglerspangler daBurgPosts: 485 Deckhand
    Here's some sound advice.  Don't even mess with that thing.  Legal or not.  lol
  • Rookie77Rookie77 Posts: 83 Greenhorn
    That is a snare, not hook and line.  The regulations list what gears may be used and says all others are illegal.  It does not list snares.  Therefore, I believe it would not be legal.
  • Reel TealReel Teal Posts: 2,681 Captain
    I think that would fall under "...grabs, hooks and similar devices" which is listed as illegal gear for stone crabs

    Its not hook and line. You are missing half of the hook and line requirements. 

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