Flat fall/slow fall jigs

Was wondering if any one had used the new flat fall jigs from Shimano and Williamson?  They sound appealing in that they are supposed to flutter slowly down on the drop and don’t need to be worked like a traditional vertical jig. Just drop through the strike zone, reel up and let it drop again. My 20 year old son and his buddies can work a vertical jig for hours but it wears me out pretty quick:-)


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    I'm interested in this as well, but it seems really similar to the method of bouncing larger bucktail jigs offshore for muttons/grouper, which can be done for about half the price, and its very productive :)

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    the Raku jig from williamson is a killer. Amazing action.
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    It's a similar idea to bouncing a jig off the bottom, but much more precise, and better matched  to the sea conditions given the hydrodynamic principles of the newer slow pitch jigs.  The offerings in the US from Shimano and Williamson are about 4 years behind in design from where slow pitch jigs are in Japan.   It is not a cheap endeavor, but is extremely productive, and you can fish them all day.  

    If you are  on a budget, you can work a simple hammered diamond jig in the same fashion as how slow pitch jigs are worked, and they are also very productive, though maybe not as much so.  As the old saying goes, "It's not the arrow, it's the Indian."  When learned to be fished well, a slow pitch jig in the hands of a skilled angler will out-fish bait.  
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    I have seen a lot of guys using them with great success.  I'm trying to learn how to use them but haven't had much luck. (But then I have never been much of a jig fisherman.) One thing I have noticed is that most guys that are using them have a selection of styles and weights of the slow pitch jigs to match current, depth, etc.
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    All good info above.  Slow pitch jigs fall slower than speed jigs because of their shapes, unless you control their decent with some spool pressure.  This slower decent makes it more difficult to stay vertical with the jig, in deep water,  if the is much current.  Staying vertical with slow pitch jigs is even more important than staying vertical with speed jigs.

    Speed jigs are excellent for species like Tuna , Wahoo, Cuda, Mackerel, Amber Jacks, and other pelagics. 

    Slow pitch jigs were designed to target more of the bottom dwelling species like grouper and snapper type fish. This technique takes a lot longer to become very proficient at, and there are a lot more "fall" designs than speed jigging has.  Many top anglers in the Pacific and South China Sea have proven that they can catch fish faster on slow pitch jigs than live bait, but there is a high learning curve.  Tackle for slow pitch jigging (if you want to excel) is also more exacting, expensive, and hard to find.  The best rods still need to be ordered and shipped from Japan.  There are some available in the U.S., but not the best.

    Unfortunately, most of the best teaching videos (on U-tube) have their audios in Japanese.  Most jiggers that feel that the technique isn't highly effective, either haven't learned the best usage of the different shapes, and weights of jigs, or they are failing to keep vertical contact with the jig.

    On a free drifting boat, in deep water, you will still catch fish, but not near as many as a boat that is using a controlled drift.  With a high level of boat control,  you will definitely out fish live bait.

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    Poking around the Keys forum up here in Palm Beach.   I was fishing on some structure off Big Pine in December and caught a variety of fish on a Shimano butterfly jig including small little tunny every drop.  Nice king about 15 lbs, red grouper about 12 lbs. flag yellowtail.  They not only hit on the drop but if you reel up vigorously they hit it then too.  It was a blast and I had constant action, out-fishing the live bait.

    Used Shimano jigging rod with Penn Clash spinning reel.
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    I have two set ups: Accurate BV300 on a Tsunami Spiral rod and a BV400 on a Pinnacle Spiral
    Both are very lightweight and the 400 is a 2 speed which I used to bring in this grouper in Dec.

    This is the BV300 - very small but lots of power.

    Mainly on Shimano jigs
    Speed jig is like a fleeing bait - flat fall is like a wounded or dying bait
    Only downfall is that the toothy fish inhale them
    If on a budget you could use a cheaper reel. The rod is more important.
    The Tsunami Rod was about $100 and the Pinnacle $185


    Marathon, FL -- World Cat 320CC -- Fishing/Snorkeling/Sunset Cruise

    . www.AOKCharters.com
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    Thanks for all of the responses. Ordered and received several of the Shimano jigs.  Have a question about rigging.  On regular speed jigs which we have been fishing for several years we tie directly to the solid ring which also has the assist hooks attached. This is usually attached to the thinner/lighter end of the jig.  The Shimano package and the few videos I can find show tying to the ring molded into the jig with the assist hooks at the other end attached with a split ring to a solid ring.  This doesn't seem to make sense to me.  I thought the idea of the solid ring was to remove the possibility of the split ring failing under the load of a big fish.  The assist hooks are also far shorter than on the typical speed jigs. Wondered how those of you who have been using the flat fall jigs are rigging them.  Thanks.
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    You're not going to break the split ring unless you have garbage split rings. I've only had two fail ever. 

    How I ring my slow pitch jigs, and how I would recommend you doing:

    Leader > ball bearing swivel > split ring (on this split ring you will have a solid ring with your hooks, so they can move independently) > jig. 

    On lower portion of jig > split ring > solid ring with hooks on it. 

    The split ring on top helps with a quick change of a jig using split ring pliers. 

    Word of advice, if you move the jig too quickly the lower hooks will tangle on your mainline. 

    Although my top hooks are a little jumbled here from the fight, you get the idea:

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    Thanks for the response. I guess I don’t understand what the purpose of the solid ring is. Why not just tie the assist hooks to the split ring if you are not going to tie the leader to the solid ring?  We have always run leader>solid ring with hooks. The solid ring is then attached to the jig with a split ring. Not trying to be difficult just trying to learn. Thanks again for the reply. 
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    Two reasons. The solid ring has nothing that can chaff the assist cord. Secondly, it allows for the assist hooks to swing freely, so there is no issue with the hooks being wedged out by the fish in a fight. 

    Having the split ring also allows for a quick interchange of jigs with solid ring pliers so you do not have to constantly retie.
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    Thanks for sharing that's good info........how much mono do you usually run from the swivel to your braid?

    I say......I say son.......new & improved my tail feathers.

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    Fluoro. Four wingspans
  • CountryBumpkinCountryBumpkin Fla. Piney WoodsPosts: 1,228 Officer
    Got it......thanks.

    I say......I say son.......new & improved my tail feathers.

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    The shimano flat fall is the most impressive jig I have ever used.  Wahoo,trigger,redfish ,snapper grouper.    It has been as effective as live bait.   Lot more work.   But love it.   
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    I think I’m going to try slow pitch . Benwah can I message you a couple questions 
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    The shimano flat fall is the most impressive jig I have ever used.  Wahoo,trigger,redfish ,snapper grouper.    It has been as effective as live bait.   Lot more work.   But love it.   
    Just curious how you use a flat fallback jig for reds?  Most of the red fishing I do is in 3’ or less of water. Deep is 6’. Thanks. 

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