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Hello diving community, I live in the Bahamas and have started to get out of my comfort zone from spearing lobster in shallow water to shooting hogfish and grouper in deeper water, as you may know in the Bahamas you can only freedive, I did my personal best dive at 30ft, and had to go all the way to the bottom to grab my shaft from my hawaiian sling. As I was going to get the shaft, i was clearing my nose, and doing the stuff you are supposed to do, but as i got about 2-3 feet from the bottom, my left ear, sounded like air was slowly coming out of a basketball. When i resurfaced, I could barley hear out of my left ear, and it hurt but not to bad, its now been about 4 hours since that, and i still can't hear that well out of my ear. I also had a bloody nose afterward, but thats happened before, I was talking to someone, and they told me I had a reverse block, and that its caused by allergies, the problem is though I don't have allergies. Can someone please give me some info?? I need to be able to listen to my teachers in school!!!!
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    i've done the same. it caused a sinus infection with me. actually had saltwater in my sinus. going down in a chamber cleared up the hearing thing, but i ended up having to come off the job because of the infection.
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    Had it happen a couple of times scuba diving, taking some Claritin or Sudafed an hour or so before diving helped me tremendously.

    Had it happen diving in Italy, worst case of it I'd ever had. Was trying to come up from about 110 feet, had a heck of a time trying to clear my ears on the way up.

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