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Hi guys I am new to the forum. I will be heading to marathon for a week and we will be renting a boat, my family and I have been 6 times before and have fishing experience at the patch reefs and other areas, but we have never been during the summer. We always went near thanksgiving or Easter. I was hoping to obtain any advice in fishing that time of year, we will only be fishing inside or at the outer reef. I love patch reef fishing and would love any additional information, you can never have enough information. Also, where are decent areas to throw net pilchards and mullet? Thank you for the help :smile:


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    It has been a while, but we have sabikid pinfish just outside the hotel on the gulf side and filled the livewell, bought several blocks of chum and a few dozen shrimp, sat over the legal areas outside sombrero light and flatlined for yellowtail while dropping to the bottom with the pinfish.

    When are you going in the summer? We will be heading back again end of June through July 3rd.


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    We are going the 2nd to 3rd week of june, the problem is we have a group of 10 people and we generally go out on the boat for the day. My dad, uncle, and I usually go out and fish every morning from sunrise to about 10:00 when the wind allows. That's why we stick to patch reefs, but if the outer edge is better we are willing to get up really early one or two mornings to try that. Thanks for the help. I have heard that mangroves are spawning at that time, but I really don't know much about that.

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    Have done very well on some nightime mangrove trips in the summer. We were anchored up and Sabiki'd pilchards and then snout hook them and cast back out on a short shot of fluoro, little to no weight.

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    Hard to net pilchards in the summer - they go to deeper water
    take plenty of chum - best buy @ Smith auto - 1 block west of vaca cut
    also Big Time next door has chum and live shrimp
    If you can get offshore on a clam day there will be Mahi around
    sometimes weedlines form a mile or two off the reef
    Mangrove spawn is usually in July - week or so before mini season


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    yea if you get out early you should head offshore and work a few weedlines for a few hours and catch some mahi - leave by 6 and you'll be out there by 7 catch a few nice fish and head back to be with the family a hero :)

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    Catching some mahi would be awesome!! What type of bait would we need and where is the best place to get it? Also we mainly have medium and medium heavy rods with 2500-4000 size reels on them as we fish light tackle in the Chesapeake. Is that enough to handle mahi? WE do have one big spinning setup for bottom fishing and 4 trolling rods for heavier reef fishing.

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    You could get away with it. We use 20 lb mono for trolling. Just upgraded to tld25. Get a few plugs and troll those. And buy some rigged ballyhoo from the bait shop and consider putting a skirt on them

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    @piner_wahoo said:
    call me

    What he said. Best money you can spend is to go with or have someone that does this every day go with you to show you how it's done. Even if you have fished an area before, different tactics are often required for different seasons or conditions. I do pretty well in the bay during the summer, but patch reef fishing is pretty much a nighttime activity during the hot months

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