Get Sugar Off Our Land


  • Saltwater JunkieSaltwater Junkie Posts: 962 Officer

    My suggestion is for everyone cutout sugar where ever possible or to substitute sugar with honey. Unfortunately, these guys a supplying the country not just Florida.

  • Angler719Angler719 Posts: 499 Deckhand

    Most supermarkets offer sugar grown elsewhere, the sugar I use is grown in Colombia.
    You will probably never get enough people to not buy Florida grown sugar to make a difference.

  • Westwall01Westwall01 Posts: 4,404 Captain

    Very informative. Thanks for posting.

  • Ron@.38 SpecialRon@.38 Special Posts: 6,627 Admiral

    Completely ignorant article by a group that should stick to fishing! OK so maybe not,,,,,

    4000 acres isn't crap!

    Ok, so lets try something else, maybe we should make it impossible to grow sugar there with changes in our water management laws.

    Hey, great idea, what the hell are the editor going to say when Big Sugar starts building planned communities out there???????

    Lets think this thru boys, a lot going on here to understand when you primary job is to publish a magazine!

    Fact is, sugar production on land to be used for a reservoir is good, it save us a ton of money in the initial clearing of the land.

    Seriously guys think these things thru so you don't look stupid!

  • ANUMBER1ANUMBER1 Posts: 8,203 Admiral

    I'm with Ron.

    I am glad to only be a bird hunter with bird dogs...being a shooter or dog handler or whatever other niche exists to separate appears to generate far too much about which to worry.
  • saltyseniorsaltysenior Posts: 715 Officer
    edited February 19 #7

    why pick on productive farm body thinks of using Holeyland, Rotenburger, Everglades.wma, and even Hungryland or Pal Mar ???

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