So, do you like the new forum?



  • FinfinderFinfinder Posts: 9,395 Admiral
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    @FS Blair said:

    @Tarponator said:
    What does AG mean?

    I get they are all naval terms, but what does AG stand for?

    The AG title was the result of us trying to come up with a name for people who post A LOT. Someone that posts more than most/anyone. Someone said, its simple, it's an AG. But this is the acronym. Can you guess what/who it stands for?

    AG = A Gary is that supposed to be good or bad and are you asked to leave the forum once you get that amount of posts ?

    This place needs Gary to be honest.

  • mplspugmplspug Lake Mary, FloridaPosts: 5,897 Admiral


    AG = Alligator Gar

    Captain Todd Approves

  • CountryBumpkinCountryBumpkin Fla. Piney WoodsPosts: 1,244 Officer

    This place needs Gary to be honest.

    If we are being honest........don't we need to admit he is still here alive and well under at least a couple of his lord knows how many aliases? :#

    I say......I say & improved my tail feathers.

  • TarponatorTarponator Under a BridgePosts: 9,611 Admiral

    Gary's writing style is very unique and he is a man of his word. I seriously doubt he's still posting here.

  • PolarPolar Lake WorthPosts: 22,262 AG

    I dont want to be associated with gary

  • FLATS BROKEFLATS BROKE Posts: 2,060 Captain

    Not that anyone really cares, This is my first time seeing the new forum, also my last. FS Forum has been trending down for quite some time. Sad what it has become from what it once was.

  • mplspugmplspug Lake Mary, FloridaPosts: 5,897 Admiral

    Gary Who? The tarpon gutter?

    Captain Todd Approves


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