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Pulled a Tosohatchee hog hunt last minute in the redraws. Haven't been out there but was thinking of bringing my young son (6) out for a sit. He's hog hunted with me a couple times before, but we didn't see any pigs. Don't want to frustrate him, so far it's been a good experience hes enjoyed. Hoping to at least see one with him in the next trip or two out. Not having time to scout what would be the odds of at least seeing pigs? It looks like from the regs guys run dogs, and part of the wma is only open for the hog quota. Does that mean we could only hunt that area? Or the whole WMA? Thanks in advance.


  • mike923mike923 Posts: 250 Deckhand
    You can hunt the whole property. That section off 520 is only open during the hog hunt. You have a pretty good shot of seeing one. There are plenty in there.
  • GrimlockGrimlock Posts: 60 Greenhorn
    For what its worth, I hunted Seminole Ranch during gun which is right across the street. I didn't see anything. I spoke to a hunter that spooked a hog on the way to the stand. Only one hog was taken the whole hunt.
  • Rich MRich M Posts: 673 Officer
    There are a bunch of hogs in there.

    The pigs move around a bit when the dogs are loose - most everyone I know who hunts hogs there sees some.
  • GrimlockGrimlock Posts: 60 Greenhorn
    Ok sounds good. I am gonna try to hurry t a few nights next week.
  • bornagain64bornagain64 Posts: 3 Greenhorn
    I hunted there years ago. There are lots of hogs, just keep moving.
    We where gonna still hunt the area and when we got to the gate, some guys with dogs approached us about going with us. Not sure the rules now, but back then you where allowed a couple dogs per hunter and dog handlers.
    I do not think they had permits, we decided to go with them and turned out to be fun.
    Those dogs will find the hogs and hold them down, we killed several with a knive. Ended up getting 5 that day and we split it with the dog hunters.
    Not sure if this still is a thing, but we did see plenty of hogs.
  • GrimlockGrimlock Posts: 60 Greenhorn
    Well I am hunting Tosohatchee tonight. I will let you guys know how it goes. If anyone has advice where to hunt that would be much appreciated. Never been on that land.
  • Amy2brno2bAmy2brno2b Posts: 4 Greenhorn

    Whadja git?

  • GrimlockGrimlock Posts: 60 Greenhorn

    I only made it out one night and I didn't get anything. I drove the whole area and I wound up rifle hunting along the power line. There was a lot of sign there and a lot of visibility, so I thought I had a good chance of seeing one. No luck though.

    I did see about 5 hogs taken back at the station, though. I think all but one of them were taken with dogs. Those dogs are amazing.

  • Amy2brno2bAmy2brno2b Posts: 4 Greenhorn

    Yeah, we went out to scout the week prior and saw tons of hogs like it was nuthin. The next week on the walk-in days we went out first thing Monday and first thing Wednesday - nuthin. Hard to compete with dogs. Last week some guys with dogs let us tag along to see how it's done and we got one in the swamp. Crazy and fun!

  • GrimlockGrimlock Posts: 60 Greenhorn

    That is fun. You going back for the next hunt?

  • WponchoWponcho Central FLPosts: 1 Greenhorn
    edited February 4 #12

    Maybe I'll see you out there, I also got Tosohatchee Feb 9-11 and I don't have dogs. If anyone is interested and would like to be in on the guest hunter I'd love to be able to give that opportunity.

  • KeithLBPIKeithLBPI Posts: 21 Greenhorn

    I'll also be out there 9-11. Probably only able to make Sunday

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