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Mako224Mako224 Posts: 422 Deckhand
Is anyone using a dredge boom on a 23'-25' CC? I have my dredge off the cleat in the stern. I would like to get it further out of the prop-wash. Been thinking about a dredge boom on one side as my Riggers would not support the weight. If you do- What size reel are you using on the boom. Thanks


  • Salty Dawg44Salty Dawg44 Homosassa, FLPosts: 779 Officer
    Downrigger with a 4' boom and a swivel mount.


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  • lemaymiamilemaymiami Posts: 2,730 Captain
    Years ago (mid eighties) I held a commercial hook and line ticket and worked offshore as much as 30 miles in my old SeaCraft.... I never used outriggers (and rarely a down rigger..) simply working just two or three lines (with ten or more rods rigged with either lures or bait rigs ready for whatever followed the two line up....). I'd get a bite on one of the rods then work the fish within range then drop that rod in a rodholder and fire out lures in an attempt to get multiple hookups (I was only operating solo then...). Worked like a charm... and my lures or baits were always in the wash - unless I worked them a little farther back than I would on a charterman... Many days I was cutting 100 to 300lbs of dolphin and other species...

    My point is that if I were working a dredge and not certain fish were seeing it properly I would simply work it a bit farther back until I was sure the dredge was not only working properly but out of the wash... Hope this helps. I haven't fished blue water in some years now -but the basics don't change much...
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  • Mako224Mako224 Posts: 422 Deckhand
    Downrigger with a 4' boom and a swivel mount.

    I have that off the stern but would like to get the boom mid-ship and in front of the outriggers. Seems that is where people are using them the most. Going to see if I can make something up to work as a trial. May just be a cluster.... on a smaller boat.

    I am sure fish our in the spread around the dredge. would love a tower to watch what I have been missing.
  • dragon baitdragon bait Posts: 5,355 Admiral
    unless you are running it light your dredge is most likely under the prop wash where fish can see it just fine, you might want to prospect a bait, by that I mean keep dropping 1 back until it gets back to your farthest bait then reel it in slowly and do it again and again
    for this bait I like a chin weighted ballyhoo so it looks like it cant keep up with the school(dredge)

    What are you pulling on your dredge?
  • Mako224Mako224 Posts: 422 Deckhand
    double dredge with naked shad and some with Dredge heads with green/white skirts. Pulled behind 6lb weight. I know my dolphin and sailfish ratio increased this year since I started pulling it. Can't be that lucky.... I do rotate the bait that is above /behind the dredge.
  • Lu 1967Lu 1967 Posts: 272 Deckhand
    We use the Tournament Cable dredge boom with a big senator reel bolted on top,pulling an EZ 6 triple tier.
    FWI at 7-8 knots we start snapping gimbal pins in the rod holder.We now run a dock line at the end of the boom to the center cleat.
    It works well tho. 12/0 Senator
  • Kevinwwings2Kevinwwings2 Posts: 1,261 Officer
    You can look up Dredge Logic, they make exactly what you are looking for, but hang on to your pocket book. Pretty slick system, just out of my league.
  • Mako224Mako224 Posts: 422 Deckhand
    I have looked at those and yes they are very pricey. My 23' CC is a little to small for their product. I rigged my outriggers with a main and a tag line. I will pull a couple bigger baits or a daisy chain and continue to pull off the stern with the dredge. Thanks for all the suggestions. Hopefully we get a break on the E. Coast of FLA and can get some winter trolling in.

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