If Capt Dave can do it, so can I --
As I munched on some cereal this AM I decided to go fishing. Frankly, Dave 'late' days might start earlier than this. I cleared Jupiter and set a 4 line spread of pure plastic; I was trolling by 10:30. I elected to not spend time looking for mullet since I got such a late start. I never saw anything to make me wish I had; my frozen bait never saw the light of day.

Out around 6-700 I found some skippies. I lost a couple and released one that I just didn't feel like cleaning. I also caught a bonita and lost a mystery bite -- no it wasn't a wahoo, likely just another skippy or bonita. Once I knew the skippies were about the big purple/silver/black widerange went out, but nothing killed it. All my bites were on the little bait -- blue/pink Billy Bait. There were a few small weed clumps in the area I fished.

Nice day, but I've got to fix my trim tabs. I've got one that is inoperable in the fully extended position -- talk about gangster lean :willynilly


  • timmcollinstimmcollins Posts: 795 Officer
    Thanks I wishin to go fishin but had to do the pull the decorations out of the attic.
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