Need a new T-Top Canvas - Recommendations in the South County area

I need a new canvas on my T-Top after Irma damage. Local shop quoted me over $800 installed which I thought was a bit high. Anyone have any good recommendations or is that price about the going rate? My canvas is probably 4ft x 7 ft. w/ a seem in there along a support beam.


  • tijeretatijereta Posts: 185 Deckhand
    Does that include removal of electronics( VHF antenna, GPS antenna, radar, etc.) and reinstallation ?
  • Strangegill88Strangegill88 Posts: 185 Deckhand
    There's nothing up there, It needs one slit near the middle to put a wire for the light.
  • pk911pk911 Posts: 233 Deckhand
    looking for the same thing in Broward, only one reply on that thread.
  • John-1948John-1948 Posts: 16 Greenhorn
    I know nothing about T-Tops other than what I have seen in the boat yards and on the highways....
    but, I do know canvas. as a signmaker, if it were my boat,
    I would get a piece of exterior grade sign vinyl/canvas banner material with grommets every 4 - 6"
    and lash it in with UV resistant cord. It can be custom made exactly to your specs for about $50 - 100..
    if you want to explore that option, check with your local sign shop.
    option #2 would be to visit your local upholstery shop and check into Sunbrella awning material.
    still - much cheaper than $800. (just some DIY labor on your part).
    and for the slit needed for the cable, I would hand stitch it to keep it from fraying or ripping under stress.

    (and I am not a big fan of permanent zip-ties on something like this)
    zip-ties can be used to hold the material in place temporarily while it is being lashed in place. (then removed after lashing).

    tight lines !

  • tijeretatijereta Posts: 185 Deckhand
    $800 seems a bit high. Just for comparison, I was charged under $600 for a double bow T-Top with a life jacket storage and a zipper access to the crows nest.
  • GRSCGRSC Posts: 924 Officer
    Dan - 561.502.2617

    Replaced mine after Irma. He measured on Thursday and installed Saturday morning for $300.
  • 20psimr20psimr Posts: 28 Greenhorn
    Plug for Brook from Landshark fishing's dad, he owns in Pompano. I just know it from their videos, work looks good on the website. Havent seen it personally, just throwing out another option.
    Everglades 223cc
  • pk911pk911 Posts: 233 Deckhand
  • Strangegill88Strangegill88 Posts: 185 Deckhand
    Thanks for the replies guys, good to have some other options to price out.
    Now if I can just get the **** fuel system to work better I can start enjoying the boat again.

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