Palm Beach 11/10 report

Got out today before the windy weekend but got a bit of a late start. Left PB Inlet about 9:00 am. Wind was already coming up but seas weren’t too bad. Found a nice color change and weed line around 400’. Trolling solo in choppy seas was proving difficult since I forgot the autopilot remote. I have the Raymarine system that runs on remote. It can be activated by using C80 display but not as convenient.
Found a nice branch and chummed for a bit but nobody home. Moved on to find a drainage pipe floating and hooked a nice dolphin. After a short fight I net and land the first fish and 2 of his friends that were following.
Reset on the troll and hook another nice fish that got off after tangling in another line.
I was happy to get out before he wind comes up. Getting a few fish was a bonus.

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