St. Lucie Inlet 11-7

Boat would not start this morning. We pull cowling and try starter fluid and then test spark and see no spark. We trace wires and everything seems good so I call my buddy. :shrug He says well it ran great the other day, did you check the kill switch? UGH! :banghead Dang kids were in the boat throwing the cast net yesterday and must have knocked it off and then stuck it out of the way in the counsel. OK off we go!.....

Once on the water the day started out great and was able to load up with great greenies at the Sandpile. Headed out and found a nice weed line in 225 and took it south. After 10 minutes the green and yellow daisy chain gets hammered. After a longer than expected fight and of course the death circles boat side we pull in a very nice tuna. We set back up and keep going and hit a 21" dolphin that we released.

Then things changed, the boat died and was unable to stay running. We finally were able to get it started and in gear and headed in. We ran 5 minutes and it died again. We check under the hood and found some wires melted and we were done. Sea Tow came and got us and in we go.

Funny thing happened while in tow after getting into the inlet. We saw the border patrol and I looked at my buddy and said, "Well we don't have to worry about getting pulled over anyway" Just then the radio turned on the border patrol asked the Sea Tow captain to slow down as they were going to tie to us and ask some questions. I could not believe it, they asked where and when we left, how far out we went, if we met up with any other boats, what we caught and of course what happened to our boat.

Finally they let us go, but it struck me as weird until later I thought about it. I guessed being "In Tow" would be a good way of coming into the inlet without fear of being harassed. Guess what, they know that trick :wink


  • KnotikoKnotiko Posts: 33 Greenhorn
    I have been stopped by border patron while being towed in as well. Sometimes it seems that they are trying to make sure that no one is sneaking in, but apart of me thinks they are just looking for an easy target. (Ive also been stopped in the mouth of the inlet by the Coast Guard and then in the Turning Basin by FWC, 15 minutes later, so I might be a little jaded.)
  • Captain DaveCaptain Dave Posts: 3,374 Captain
    Nice tuna! I saw you guys being hip towed at Sandsprit. It's always painful to see anyone under tow.

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  • mik8881mik8881 Posts: 88 Greenhorn
    Ah I see the problem with your motor in the first picture. Just kidding great tuna....
  • oldtimeroldtimer Posts: 489 Deckhand
    Nice Catching
  • JIMinPBJIMinPB Posts: 1,872 Captain
    Nice black fin.
    Sorry to hear about the motor trouble.

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