Jupiter Inlet 11/5

Went out with fiance and our oldest son, weather was supposed to be good as it got later in the day Sunday so we slept in and went out around 9am. Was a bit sloppy to start with some decent swells, but it definitely calmed down later on. We stayed just off Juno Pier, and I unfortunately couldnt tell depth because I had to send the lower unit in for replacement. New one will be here tomorrow, so I just eyeballed and stuck close the pack. Found when we moved in shallower we got bites, and drifted out too deep the bites shut down.

Fiance loves shrimp, so she caught a ton porgys that were just under keeper size. Im sure some were legal, but we threw em all back anyway. When I say a ton I mean like 20. Then about 15 more undersize yellowtail. I keep telling her little fish like her shrimps haha. She did get sharked at one point, that freaked her out suddenly a small porgy turns into a very large tug. I couldnt stop laughing. She caught 5 slippery richards too, I made fun of her with that one excessively. Wish I knew they were good grouper bait, I would have dropped one back down!

Oldest and myself used frozen mullet I had from previous trips. Couldnt net any at the ramp going out they were being elusive. Normally I can at least get a dozen. Frozen worked though, all keepers came on that. We still need to upgrade poles, notice in the pic thats a bass rod. That grouper was like pulling up a 5 gallon bucket with that stick haha. Anyone need about 10 custom built (by me) gloomis bass rods? :banghead I dont see myself bass fishing anymore, im hooked! And that grouper was honestly best fish Ive had so far!

5/0 Owner SSW's with 2oz lead and 30 lb fluoro fishfinder was rig of choice. Hope we get more weather like this!
Everglades 223cc


  • RodHRodH Posts: 186 Deckhand
    That looks awesome! Thanks for the great report.
  • testerman28testerman28 Posts: 1,329 Officer
    good catch
  • BacDocBacDoc Posts: 676 Officer
    Way to go Chris! Like your boat too! I run basically same rig 243CC with Yam 250.

    Those bass rods actually work pretty good for grouper and snapper - you got a nice red there. The bigger muttons and grouper might bust your gear but I've used some light flexy rods and surprised how well they work on the bottom. That said my go to bottom rod is light weight carbon jigging rod rated 80# test. Shimano makes a good one and Tsunami has a good carbon rod at lower price point.
  • rgambotzrgambotz Posts: 223 Deckhand
    Great report and nice eats!
  • bmoodybmoody Posts: 861 Officer
  • 20psimr20psimr Posts: 30 Greenhorn
    I wanted the 243, just couldnt find one they didnt want a first born child for haha! They definitely keep their value, and got a smokin deal on the 2 ft smaller version I couldnt pass up :)

    I build my own rods, just need to get some time to put some together. Already have em spec'd out, Im thinking Phenix Black Diamonds with the new CC corrosion control fuji guides. A couple of 10-30 spinners with Thunnus, 15-40 spinners with 10k Gossas, and 20-60 with Gossa 20k spinners for bigger stuff. Then a few 30-80 boat rods with TLDII's for trolling. I get rod building stuff wholesale, so its hard for me to buy off the shelf stuff when I know I can build something much nicer for half the price.
    Everglades 223cc

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