3 Days in the 10K

Fished Friday thru Sunday, all North of EVC. Mostly outside with some back bay as the king tides rushed in. Better action outside but some snook and reds up inside.
Full moon,steady high pressure and persistent NE wind usually spell slower fishing especially after a 10-15 degree water temp drop last week but this weekend water temps ranged from 71-76 and the fish were biting although not at pre cold fronts frenzy. Many snook and trout on artis but the reds were scattered. Nonetheless, got my slam and a dirty cooler.

Yes there are skeeters active, can't speak to noseeums as I wasn't on a beach.

EVC continues to recover, Rod &Gun has rooms available now, EVC Motel and Captains Table will soon and River Wilderness is fully open.
Island Cafe,Triad,City Seafood and Havana Cafe are all open and putting out good food. Camille Street Grill is almost there, Oyster House isnt. R&G restaurant reopens 11/10.
Circle K is still closed but Marathon is open and selling Rec90 along with ice,bait, beer and their usual.Wincar is still closed but Everglades Tackle is back to normal. So is the grocery store next door.

Nav hazards - there is a LOT of blowdown in the back bays,mid bays and flats out front. We're talking branches to entire mangroves. Most of this is not visible mid tide and up. Hit one of these at speed and it could puncture your hull or eff up your lower unit. The wind, the surge in and the surge out deposited these on the shallower flats for the most part, the usual cuts and channels with high current were clear.

This is the best time of year to fish the 10K and they really need your support right now. Long weekend or a day trip, every ramp fee,gallon of gas, bag of ice,tub of gulps, etc helps.


  • testerman28testerman28 Posts: 1,329 Officer
    thanks for the update...
  • 10kman10kman Posts: 259 Deckhand
    If your younger,one of the great camping trips is to the 10k area.Whitehorse,Pavillion,
    Turkey key and others,outstanding areas to camp.If you have never done this before,
    take someone along that has camped down there before.They can advise you on tide
    issues,food,beach fires,gas,batteries etc.
    Nothing better than campfire,fresh fish,adult beverages and great friends!
  • southerntidesoutherntide Posts: 43 Deckhand
    Would love to camp but they are not issueing any permits right now :(
  • 1outlaw1outlaw Naples FLPosts: 537 Officer
    Thanks for the update Bob! Will be heading that way soon!!
    Jason :USA
  • 10kman10kman Posts: 259 Deckhand
    Would love to camp but they are not issueing any permits right now :([/QUOTE

    Ok,good point Whitehorse and North shores not in ENP and camping is excellent.
  • Master of BaitMaster of Bait Posts: 41 Greenhorn
    Bobber! Awesome report, thanks for that. I'm going to try to head down for at least one night next weekend. With bug spray and lots of water on hand ;)
  • BobberBobber Posts: 865 Officer
    Beer is mostly water.....

    Tiger Key is open for camping again, no permit required.

    I'll be back over 12/1-12/3, let me know if you're there then.
  • 1outlaw1outlaw Naples FLPosts: 537 Officer
    Bobber wrote: »
    Beer is mostly water.....

    We could be long lost brothers :rotflmao
    Jason :USA
  • Master of BaitMaster of Bait Posts: 41 Greenhorn
    1outlaw wrote: »
    We could be long lost brothers :rotflmao


    Thanks Bobber. Think I'll definitely check out Tiger. And if I can get there in early December I'll be sure to let you kow.
  • lostsmenfivelostsmenfive Posts: 10 Greenhorn
    Markers still up? My favorite place to fish are the markers. Headed down Saturday, don't want to get lost.
  • MegalopsAtlanticusMegalopsAtlanticus Port of the Islands, FLPosts: 84 Greenhorn
    Lots of markers down. Some are just missing signage, others are missing completely.

    And go easy in Fakahatchee Pass. Tons of markers are long gone (including the "dog leg" which will put you on oysters if you don't know to hug the shoreline). One marker broke off at the waterline, too. So it is submerged at high tide. That one is scary.

    We tied a white boat fender to it a few weeks ago. But it vanished. Someone else tied a blue fender to it, which was cool.

    But that is invisible in the dark, of course. So just take 'er easy and keep your eyes peeled. Especially if you don't boat here often and don't have everything memorized. There is even a lot of debris offshore. All kinds of stuff around Indian Key, especially.
    "Once in awhile you get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look at it right"
  • Lower MatecumbeLower Matecumbe Posts: 4 Greenhorn
    They used to call that MegalopsAtlanticus fella Neversink Jimmy when he guided in the Catskills many moons ago.
    Now my kids just call him uncle Jimmy the Tarpon slayer, when he visits us in Islamorada.
    See you in January, The EGRET is all pretty and ready to fly!

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