Canal Cleanup?

Curious how this type of cleanup is managed in a place like KCB. Is it done with a backhoe on a barge? By boat?


  • TeamTekeTeamTeke Posts: 929 Officer
    I would go talk to the new town manager. Perhaps also the mayor John DeNeale. I can not think of any time in the past where this has come up. In the past, I know owners on the 13-14th street canal had no luck in getting it dredged out due to silting.
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  • woodytoowoodytoo Posts: 268 Officer
    No dredging, but in our neighborhood on big pine we are pretty much on our own. We have a neighborhood association (sort of) and an old pontoon boat we use for maintenance and tree trimming/clean out. It would be awesome to get county help, but I am doubting it.
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  • ccriderccrider Posts: 473 Officer
    The contractor that I had to hire to clean up all the debris everyone dumped in our lots next our home in Tropical Bay Estates is down here with his fleet of barges and heavy equipment waiting to begin canal and water cleanup. He told me his crew has been down for a 10 days sitting idle because of all the issues with the county contracts and contractors, it seems to be a real mess.
  • RJMurphy4142RJMurphy4142 Posts: 79 Greenhorn
    Thanks for response. I'm sure the county is in CYA mode with contracts / contractors.

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