pbi. condos. 110'. saturday 7:20am . orange xrap. 22 mako. going again tmrw. will report here if lucky.


  • TunachaserTunachaser Posts: 107 Deckhand
    Nice 'Hoo, We're going to hit it tomorrow
  • DrTredDrTred Posts: 25 Greenhorn
    Nice fish...thanks for the post... will be at it in the morning out of SLI.
  • LiveSouthFLLiveSouthFL Posts: 119 Officer
    Nice work on the hoo! I imagine these king tides + full moon = a strong bite...
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  • Pursuit2470wpbPursuit2470wpb Posts: 56 Greenhorn
    Good stuff right there!!
  • linesliderRyrolinesliderRyro Posts: 139 Deckhand
    didnt go sunday. Battery issues.
  • tunahoundtunahound Posts: 342 Deckhand
    Very nice wahoo, yeah, with these tides it should be a good bite.
  • TunachaserTunachaser Posts: 107 Deckhand
    Pulled split-tails Sunday, but no 'hoos for us. Lots of Shipjacks 150-350 off of Jup. Kids had a blast with them, rattle jets kept them busy all afternoon.
  • linesliderRyrolinesliderRyro Posts: 139 Deckhand
    water was clean off palm beach in 110' but when we trolled north to jupe it was dirty inside of 170'
  • timmcollinstimmcollins Posts: 795 Officer
    Where are the Condo's you speak of?
    I have heard of them before in some reports I'm just too dull to figure it out!

    Congrats. I've yet to get Hoo blood on the new boat.
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  • linesliderRyrolinesliderRyro Posts: 139 Deckhand
    Just north of the inlet bud. Youll get one im sure in due time. Heres a great deal on the new xrap 40. Cheapest iv found them. Took about two weeks to ship from Spain though.

  • 20psimr20psimr Posts: 28 Greenhorn
    Im still new and learning, but ya usually condos means north of Jupiter inlet, Juno pier area. All the condos that line the beaches there, like the green roofs for bait etc.

    Great hoo bro, I still havent tried trolling yet but thats great info much appreciated! I LOVE wahoo tacos! haha
    Everglades 223cc

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