Hoos, snapper, grouper, and whatever else you want

One of our crew members put together this little video from our last two trips. Worth watching. Out of the Naples area. Wife and I have been in Jupiter for 3 years. Thought it was worth posting. What do you think?


  • Diggity6186Diggity6186 Posts: 138 Officer
    Really nice collection. Congrats on the great trips!!! Not sure why someone would degrade the effort that went into it's creation....
  • dumpsterdumpster Posts: 10 Greenhorn
    SLob dolphin and definitely within you limits per day catch! Good job kiddos!!!!
  • OldSaltOldSalt Posts: 129 Officer
    SE Forum?

    Mr. Moderator...DO YOUR JOB.. :ontopic
  • TunachaserTunachaser Posts: 107 Deckhand
    Great video and music. Looks like you guys are having a pretty good time and eating well! Most guys don't post here because of **** comments like you received. . .
  • Flight RiskFlight Risk Posts: 2,329 Captain
    decheek - you guys killed it! The only question I have is 'where' in the Bahamas were you? (gps coords would be appreciated :wink) Loved the shots of the Queen snapper and grouper - stellar job my friend! Loved the video, outstanding job! A bunch of good friends on the water catching fish - does not get any better than that!
    Thanks for posting!


    Pura Vida!
  • linesliderRyrolinesliderRyro Posts: 140 Deckhand
    I feel bad for anyone who cant enjoy some slightly. Nice fish, vid, and music.
  • CNTDRCNTDR Great Harbor Cay, BahamasPosts: 858 Officer
    First of all, yes, def worth posting. You guys are having to much fun and I appreciate the enthusiasm! Those fish were out of the Naples area? Is that Italy or Florida :-) If you pm me your "numbers" I will the authenticate your catch.
    Love the oversized quality fish and Slightly Stoopid as well!
    Great Harbor Cay, Berry Islands, Bahamas
    pm me for rental info.
  • bocapup1bocapup1 Posts: 737 Officer
    Great job boys and way to cover all the base’s!
    Should win the contest hands down.....
  • KaimanaKaimana Posts: 231 Officer
    Fantastic video! Crushing the fish and having a great time together - totally worth posting. Great music choice too
  • Boca KrisBoca Kris Posts: 126 Deckhand
    Great tune, excellent fish. Nice work
  • BlueWater GearBlueWater Gear Posts: 40 Deckhand
    Wow absolute beauty! This is amazing, what a guys trip is all about, great job gentleman!! BTW great music choice.
    Bluewater Gear
    Discover your lifestyle addiction!
  • dcheek2112dcheek2112 Posts: 70 Greenhorn
    Thanks man. You know what it's about. Good times with good friends and killing some fish
  • nuevowavonuevowavo Posts: 6,074 Admin
    Great trips and video. Thanks for posting!
    Federales, bring my baby back to me!

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